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    Sorc Garden Acc's [18M or $8 PayPal] FULL Membership [Cheap as Memb Itself]Hey all im selling accounts ready to go and use for use with the Sorc Garden Bot. These accounts have the necessary requirements and come with the following: Prince Ali Quest Complete 65 Thieving 30 days of membership Get an Account for as cheap as a Membership itself! Nothing to lose! All Accounts will be sold like this: And all will be sold for $8 as a paypal gift or for 18M RSGP My is [email protected] Add me and post here if interested :p Account 1: white_razor0 Quote: Originally Posted by white_razor0 Vouch for nobodyukno , Account came as it said in the topic. MM used, fast easy trade. Cheers! Quote: Originally Posted by lime soda Vouch, MM'd an account trade =) Account 2: Bean Smith Quote: Originally Posted by Bean Smith Huge vouch for nobodyukno, He sold an sorc garden account for me. All went smooth THANKS! =) Quote: Originally Posted by Buyingrsgold Vouch for nobodyukno. MM'ed an account trade for $8 Paypal.Buying Account![RSGP]Hey , I'm interested in purchasing an account from a TRUSTED user, I'm looking at spending 10-100m on the right account Do not post links to your accounts if they don't have the following: 1 Defense 10 hp Accounts with at least 1 99 Pures with DT done Zeal accounts, anywhere from 500-2k An OMM will be used at your expense or a trusted free MM. No recoveries No email, If its an email login you will supply me the email address on purchase No current memberships If you post accounts that are not even close to what I have stated I will report as spam. Thanks.Selling 1 word Rare Name!The name of the account is "Yahtsy" Bid: A/W 20mSelling GREAT F2P Pure Sick Name 80STR. 80MAGE. 83Mining ( 1 2)This account also has a very good name. PM if interested in the name. The name is 4 Letters 2 common numbers and letters of a good combo... No bank.recovs.trying to remove email now. PP/RSGP***DFS Pure***I am selling my DFS pure. Defense pure. BEAST!! Looking for about 20-30$ Account is now P2p [email protected] starter pure [DT] [RSGP]Hey guys, selling my pure to fund my main. Combat 57! : [email protected] Post before adding me! Pictures :) Main members objects coming with this account: Note it has some more pk supplies in bank. Desert treasure done: Stats: Login: Note you will get the recoveries and email will be set to yours :) No a/w. Just bid away. Remember comes with 3m! Either you will go first or we will use a mm/ omm. Thanks!Starter defence pure/skillerClose thread, sold!Good starting skiller!Selling a good starting skiller: Nothing really in the bank. PM, post, or add my / in siggy. Accepting RSGP or PayPal. You go first or we will use xFlyingToast. Iggy
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