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    Runescape Pure with Membership for SaleThe account uses 40 attack, 50 strength, and 63 ranged. Has no prayer or defence. Comes with extra loyalty points. Has around one month membership. Combat level 44 Has 85 fishing, 77 cooking, 80 fletching, and 65 woodcutting.(RSGP/PP) Ready To Go Range/2h Pure (RSGP/PP) ( 1 2)Sold to jizzlybearBuying Def. Pure.Looking to buy a defence pure, Only accepting 75+def accounts. I'm wanting 1 attack, strength, etc. No combat stats rather than defence, and hp. Willing to pay around 10-12m. If interested PM me. I rather you PM than comment. Thanks!selling mock acc with 1 month mems lvl 3selling a mock account just used it to get a 10% boost on my main seeing as how im going for 99 prayer and it stacks with g alter . selling it for only 3m has 1 of all stats no recovs ill give the email i used to make it and it has 7 days of double xp left cuz i used refer a friend so ya.. only 3m lol if ur interested just pm meSelling 1 Def Pure (CB54) 99Minning99FM Duellist Cap(Tier6) [RSGP/PP]Welcome to my account shop! I will not go first unless you are trusted. We Must use a OMM otherwise. The account does have recoveries, which will be given during purchase and will do a recovery test with you. Looking for RSGP or PayPal. Enjoy Bidding! : [email protected] Account: 1 Def Pure - 99 Minning - 99 Firemaking - 93 Cooking - Dullist Cap(Tier 6) - 1 Month Membership - Combat 54 RSGP A/W: 20M - PayPal A/W: $15 Current Bid: N/A BID AWAY!Cb3 ; 101 dungeoneering etcHeiia . :// :// :// Bid away .. Autowin at 80mil .. Have fun biddingSelling 59cb Hybrid (DT+MM DONE)Sold>Selling My Looter [RSGP] p2p Account.Basically just created an account for the + %10 xp on My Main. Member until 1/28/12 ... All skills [ 1 ] Selling for RSGP, 5m A/w post below if interested, proof will be shown if wanted, like I said everything's a one lol, just made it the other night.
Thread Status:
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