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    Buying Soulwars G maul rusherHey i'm looking for g maul rushes that have been soul warred, I will offer more if it had blitz, thanks pm me Desired State: 50 Attack 80 strength 82 mage thankyou[Rsgp] Hats, scarves etc, cb 29. 82wc 45magic [RSGP]Hi, I'm looking to sell this account for rsgp only! *1def/pray *82wc All pics: :// s/b 4m a/w 18m Post here before you add my .summoningBuying summoning acc low CMB lvl , Preferably high summon lvl. Swap for my korasi prod with 30m /showthread.php?...1#post10017150Buying zeal mule! Check this!Hello, I am here to buy one zeal mule. It needs to be level 3. Zeals: 800-1k It should have membership! Might offer with PP/RSGP or i have these accounts, if intrested in swapping!: Summ tank (80 def, 56 summ. More than 1 month membership!) Random pure (5 def, 80 pray, 4 month memb, like 40 str.) Staker (83 att, 71 def, 56 str, 1 pray&summ, 83 dung! Rapier etc.) Mage BoXer (86 mage, 25 def, like 30 hp :/) Also, various mains. If you want any of those accounts, just ask. If some1 wants that account, pictures will be posted HERE! If mod's choose, it's not allowed to have those in this thread without pictures, will remove them, just wanting people to know what i have + some stats. Not selling them, so it should be ok? (L, offer via pm if you want to bid for them) Don't even bother trying to scam me. Post offer + here. We will use OMM/MM or i will go first, only for epicly trusted people. You can go first too. ~TooFame| RSGP | Level 3 | 85 Fishing | RSGP |Alright, Made this account a long time ago. It's just collecting dust. I'll let someone else put some use to it. Email Log in I understand I am a newcomer, So I will go first to TRUSTED members only. I'm looking for offers, Will let this go for cheap. |Log in| |Stats| |Offense's|Selling 99 MAGE PURE! (PKING ACC) CHEAP!!Need this account sold asap because i literally only have 300k on main. I will only be accepting rsgp & well use a trusted mm *THIS ACCOUNT HAVE 37M MAGIC EXP & IS RANKED 970 ON HISCORES!* Login: (Recoveries will be taken off & given to you afterwards). Stats: (99 magic, 52 ranged, 15 prayer, 27 attack, 20 strength). Combat Level: 59 A/W is only 30m but i may accept any offers below that because i want some cash fast.[25+ Vouches] Level 3 Zeal Mule with 1.2k Zeals [RSGP] ( 1 2 3)10 days left of membership SOLD![RSGP] Selling Looter Account with 23 days of membership!Account 3: Still has 23 days of membership 350k Bankworth Black Marks: Green zone Im giving the email and its password to the person who buys it
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.