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    [RSGP] Selling lvl 47 range/mage pure400k A/W Hello I'm selling one of my old pkers. If you're trusted I have no problem going first. I'm looking for rsgp, we can talk in pm or but I haven't used it in the longest. This is a good multi pker. The prayer gives you Protect Item, +10% range, or +10% magic. The first is useful if you're bsed after a kill or simply die. The last two are extremely useful in getting pk's when piling people.[BLS] Account shop --> Skillers, pures, mainsHey there.. My reason for selling these accounts, is that I finally desided to quit RS for long term! Bought MW3 which is my new addiction And just failed at drivers exam today >_> need money for another try! I am in no way going first! Willing to use a OMM at your expense! I'm mainly looking for cash, but might consider RSGP so I can resell that! Accounts: 1. C/B: $91,00; A/W: $150,- 2. C/B: $0,00; A/W: $50,- 3. C/B: $6,00; A/W: $15,- 4. C/B: $0,00; A/W: $60,- First 3 accounts are made by me and I have all the details! 4th account was bought from rs gold site.. Account 1 is a skiller Made this account myself.. members was always paid trough paypal or iDeal (Dutch thing) Account 2 is a dragon wep strenght pure Made this account myself.. members was always paid trough paypal or iDeal (Dutch thing) Account 3 is a starter dungoneer Made this account myself.. never been a member Account 4 is a starter main with 83 dung as major skill Bought from a site waaaay back.. trained it till what it's now! If any more info is required.. don't hessitate to ask! Not looking for the first buyer, just for nice prices! Not in that big a rush to sell them asap! Let the bidding commence! Cheers BLSlvl 3 with 99 smith [rsgp/swap/paypal]selling an awesome lvl 3 with 99 smith xd all cb stats 1 add [email protected] will use an omm either u go first enjoy bidding lolLevel 51 str pureEdit: Not For Sale Anymore[RSGP] Selling Dung Pure | 80 Dung | 200K Tokens [RSGP] ( 1 2)Selling this Dung pure for RSGP only. Auto-win: 50M. Account has membership until the 1st of November. Code: Quests done: Restless Ghost Unstable Foundations Death Plateau Fight Arena Priest in Peril Waterfall Post or PM, don't add my .swapping rapier pure, 57k till 92 str for zeal mule! OMM will be used.hello, well title kinda says all. im selling rapier pure, 80 at 91 str(57k till 92) it got 80 dung and rapier. it got 70 range too, 1 def+52 pray will show ingame if interested. ALSO WILLING TO ACCEPT 10 HP DEF TANEKRS! add: [email protected] 52 Cmbt Pure, average stats, solid starter bank setup [PAYPAL]Hey guys just selling a lvl 52 combat pure with average stats, but a fairly good starting bank. Im also selling a lvl 101 cmb 70 def main with a decent bank aswell. link below: :///showthread.php?t=1275402 Bank: Stats: pm or comment for offers **CURRENTLY A NON MEMBER Also willing to sell/make a deal and throw in a runescape 35 day membership card/codeBuying 2k Zeal !!I am looking for a lvl 3 zeal mule with around 2k zeal. Thankyou
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