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    Amazing account just for $15add my [email protected] i will go first if your trusted paypal only[BUYING] F2P Range/Strength Pker [Paypal/RSGP] ( 1 2)I would like an account with 40 attack, 1 defence, 1 prayer, 80+ strength and possibly 80+ range... I am willing to accept 75+ strength and 70+ range, though... I want a somewhat nice name, because I don't want to have to buy membership to chance it. Also note that any accounts without the minimum requirements above I won't buy. I don't want a project, just a PK-ready account. BUDGET: *1-250m - would like to spend roughly 20mil, though. Link me your threads below and your price. Thanks.selling 4 accountsall of the accounts do not have recoveries or registered emails account 1 has a bank pin which i will tell the buyer ://[/IMG]this account has about 3 weeks of membership left ://[/IMG] pm me if your interestedLooking to buy a 1 DEF pure ( 1 2)What I am willing to spend: $50US (negotiable) Reqs: -No more than 40 attack -No more than 1 def The reason for no more than 40 attack is that I no longer play the game much and haven't since the Aryan days. I stopped playing completely after they changed the whole trade system and the wildy. Since the wildy is back I want to make a return to the game as a pker only, just as a way to kill time and have a little fun. I understand that I only have one post, I hope that doesn't discourage you. I have been around the community since Kaitnieks and will follow all procedure. Thanks for your timeselling obby mauler with 1 month membs cheapi have no pics atm but ill put some up soon its a basic obby mauler with 60 strength 24 magic and 49 hp combat level 33 and i bought the membership 3 days ago need to sell now and would be willing to sel for 11mil (membership itself is worth 8mil) pm me if your interestedNEW! Account Shop & Auction |40 Vouches|Welcome to my Account Shop Email/: [email protected] : liithiumhd Payment method: RSGP or Paypal from TRUSTED users. Account 1 SOLD Account 2 Has 99 WC CurrentBid: AutoWin: 15M RSGP Login Offences Stats Account 3 CurrentBid: AutoWin: 7M RSGP Login Offences Stats START PLACING OFFERS[Selling]Starter Turmoil Pure|99 skills|Cheap[Paypal]Hello Everyone. I Am Here To Sell My Starter Turmoil Pure. I Am Looking To Sell My Account For A Decent Amount. I Am The Original Owner And All Information Will Be Supplied. I Have Listed This Account On PlayerUp In Case Anyone Who Wishes To Purchase It Wants The Safety Of A Legal Binding Contract. If Not We Can Use A OMM(You pay fines) Or A Trusted MM. I Am Also Willing To Do A Recovery Test If The Buyer Insist on. Account Is Fully Quested Up To The Point Of Doing The Turmoil Quest And A Few Others. Now Lets Get Down To The Goods. [email protected] A/W:40$Buying Pure For This [Swaps]willing to swap this epic tanker for a str pure must have 1 defense.. add my = [email protected] for your offers account has 28 days memberships left, 99 fm 96 rc, 95 mage, range and 89 hp almost 98 cb around 500k
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