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    selling bunny ears characteri'm selling a bunny ears character. has a golden hammer to, if that counts for anything. has a semi rare name, not a bad one anyway. email address is unset. recoveries are set, i dont know how to unset, when i tried on another account it got locked, if anyone can help with this id be thankful. i dont remember the recovs. last set 2002. see pics below Uploaded with Uploaded with looking for 25m.. only selling cuz need startup gp for my main who got cleaned few yrs back :S add my : [email protected] or post here. ty[WTB]Hcannon pure[WTB]I'm offering an array of 9 god accounts for it.add me [email protected][99 FISHER] Including Cape [GREAT MONEY MAKER]Hey, Kgb1953 Here selling my 99 Fisher, somes with a cape and 2M in the bank :p, will accept PP or RSGP (PP from trusted users only due to chargebacks) Cheers, Kgb1953Selling Range pure 56 cb! 90 range!Selling 90 range pure 56 cb! pics: A/W:Lowest level possible hcannon pure OR 40m. It Took ages to level it,soo generaly sw prods are owrth 100m,soo that acc is worth atleast 40m,i will accept any bid of 30m. A/W:30m YOU GO FIRST OR . btw it got mems untill 1 jan. basicly with d bow it can hit up to 360-360 and max anyone's hp at his level.selling pure obby mauler lv 82 str!!selling a lv 82 obby mauler mems till dec 26. looking for paypal or other accounts. LOOKING FOR 30-40$(RSGP) Selling Level 34 Mauler 63 strength (RSGP) ( 1 2)Sold To Wizard Gate!!!!!! Thanks Bro[paypal]Level 51 range pure 88 range 32 hp://i41.tinypic/10zmxbo.png add me on or if you're intrested :jake skii :[email protected][ Rsgp ] ║ Selling 100% quested 20 defence pure ║ [ Rsgp ]║ [15+ Vouches ]Close this. Didn't know I had two threads open/no longer selling.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.