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    free skiller! ---see info---I am giving away a free f2p skiller with 88 cooking, 84 cooking, 79 fishing, 79 woodcutting, 67 crafting and more on it, in return for subscribers and views on youtube, every 25 subscribers I will give away a free skiller/pure as I have many. I have: 2 pure maulers 3 range/mage pures 2 tanks 1 summoning tank 2 f2p skillers 3 p2p skillers 6 mains 3 random accounts 14 accounts with many holiday items on! Keep subscribing to my account, will also be giving away random 1-5m cash piles to subscribers! How to do it: 1)Goto youtube/UpsetStone 2)Click subscribe, watch my videos, like, comment, etc, 3)Send me an inbox on youtube once them steps are complete, telling me your name, and what you've done to help me out. 4)If I manage to get partnered by someone, I will help you in your careers of getting partnered too, but only if you've been subbed to me for 3 months+ and are active, comment, rate, and view my videos often! --Thanks for reading everyoneSelling a nice Skiller/pure!close this thread have posted a new thread obtaining all the accounts im selling, check it out. :///showthread.php?p=10112321#post10112321Buying OBBY MAUL PURE with 99 Str and 1-5 Attack and mith gloves.Willing to spend quite a bit... Comment here/PM me I'd be willing to accept one with 80+ str and without mith gloves as well. But the price will greatly drop. Also, I wont buy from anyone w/o vouches. I go first Thanks![RSGP]Selling lvl 57 G mauler, DT/ADDY GLOVES/AMAZING!Ok, The account is a perfect g mauler, Here are the stats, 50 attack 57 strength 1 defence 13 prayer 72 range 82 mage ADDY GLOVES!!!! ANCIENTS!!!! A/W: 65m Ill give pics when I get a buyer.[Paypal][RSGP]Buying a Pure!Hello, I am currently looking for a pure. The stats it MUST have are: OMM and all that good stuff. My is [email protected] Even if you don't think I'll like your account just leave a post and who knows, maybe it's exactly what I was looking forBuying Pures [PayPalThe following is a must so don't bother posting anything unless you meet the following rules & requirements PRAYER AND DEFENCE MUST BE LEVEL 1 + I will only be buying off trusted players (Don't worry i'll be checking up) + I will most definitely be using a MM unless you want to go first + 1 Prayer, 1 Defence, 1 Summoning a MUST! + I am willing to spend $5-$50 + No recoveries, E-mail or any black marks will be tollerated NO PRAYER OR DEFENCE AT ALL PRAYER AND DEFENCE MUST BE LEVEL 1 I DONT CARE HOW HIGH YOUR OTHER SKILLS ARE ThanksBuying sum Tank or Mage PureU must have some vouches or have an old join date decent post cost if its an email login must come with the email = no fake email logins i require every bit of information i have 20mill rsgp and 5$ paypal in my budget hurry b4 i sell this rsgpSelling lv 54 pure str 1 def with 2 99s ( 1 2)This pure has 76 str, 40atk,1 def, 99wc,99cook 76fletch, 66 constitution, Great start to a pure looking to sell for RSGP. Will take best offer. [​IMG] Current bid:15m A/W:30
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