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    [BUYING] Prayer Pure w/ 99 and nothing else.If anyone has an account that has level 99 Prayer, 10hp, Combat Level 15, then please post here what price you'd like (nothing too out of the ordinary please, as this is Black Market )Selling Eight 99 magic pures ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)I have 8 99 magic pures, 50 combat, level 1 everything else combat related and 10 hp. I can guarantee that they will all have 20m+ magic exp, and a few accounts will have 30m+ magic exp and the first come buyers will get those. They also have 67 construction. A/W is ~20m, feel free to offer though. I will decide whether I will go first or you go first based on how trusted I feel you are. It's not your decision because this isn't your thread. I will use OMM if I feel it's necessary. If you feel that I should go first and I don't agree, then too bad. I will only offer paypal payment to trusted members, $10 A/W. I will be the decision maker of that too. The reason I'm selling these relatively cheap is because they were gold farming accounts (they have no offenses however) but I am done with Runescape so I might as well sell everything. There is no linked email or recovs.Fab's Account ShopThese are all account I do not use anymore, I am selling them for RSGP. The ones I'm currently selling I am the original owner of unless stated else-wise. My rules: You will get a official MM, or you can go first. I'm eastern based time zone. YOU MUST ADD MY ! OR ! AND POST HERE FIRST. : Nasty_Skillz : [email protected] Note: I will not add you first. CLOSEDStarter staker [70 attack 54 Strength 60 def]Beginner staker has a hard name to look up. All information will be provided in a notepad doc. Happy biddingBuying Runecraft/Mining SkillerBuying an account with the following Level 3 Combat 50+ Runecrafting and Mining No email or recoveries set Prefer it to never have been members I will not pay a lot so don't offer something with too high stats (I wont pay extra for any other skill, no matter what it is or what level) Leave a post here or PM me99 Mage 10hp !!I am looking for a 99 mage 10hp account, i'm not sure how much they are worth because no-one replied to my price check . Offer away Pm me or post.Buying a 1 def pure!I've bought many accounts, looking to buy a 1 defense pure, nothing like super with 80 dung or anything unless you want too ofcourse.. I'm not looking to pay too much.. I'm looking to turn it in to a claw to korasi rusher with ring of vig, just need to wait and see what you have.. PM me.[RSGP] Selling Obby Maul pure!Account 2: Black Marks: Green Zone 4.1m Bankworth!
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