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    [PayPal][RSGP] Selling Level 3 Skiller: 3-99's! ( 1 2)Looking to sell one of my favorite accounts, my level three skiller. As you can see below, the account has 3-99 stats including cooking, woodcutting, and fletching. All stats are 50 and above, including slayer! That's a 1151 total level!The account also has a pretty cool name :// Obby TankLooking to buy an obby maul tank...looking for something along the lines of Att: 1 Str: 80 Def: 40-60 Would love an account with a torso, gloves, and quests complete.Low Level Corrupt Pure28 combat atm I'm letting it train it crabs while I quest on my other pure. it has death plateau done that's it. 20attack 43strength atm. no recovs nothing. made by me. We will have to switch the emails since the email on the account is the one I use for this site. if you want it, post an offer. membership till january 17th. comes with everything in bank but not the inventory. btw it has a pretty cool name for corrupt pures :p A/W: 10m I just want back what I paid for the mem basically :[Buying] Low level Handcannon pure RSGP or PPHey , I am looking to buy a good handcannon pure. Requirements: 80+ Range Def 30 or below Prayer will be discussed ----------------------------- Post links/or post stats and we'll meet in-game WILL BE USING OMM UNLESS YOUR TRUSTED Paypal or RSGPSelling MANY(12) Accounts...Hell,Yeah,i'm selling 12 accounts sick ya?xD Acc1(AMAZING ALMOST 10 hp Skiller) Acc2Somewhat Gmaul pure with high mage(cb 60)..) Acc3:Epic Staker with Gravite 2h Acc4:Ags Pure prod :[],he got an EXTREMELy rare name.and its extremely well known at world 12,i've got offers upwards of 100m just by the name.but i'll accept 30m+ Acc5for me thats the most special acc,coz its a handcannon pure at level 67 ...)i've allready hitted 385 with it twice :3,it two hit most of ppl at his lvl Acc6:Summoning tank!(nothing special on it A/W 10-15m) Offer Away =)selling three amazing acounts1. can be a possible staker, barrows pure, or a main! has 99 thieving, and 50+ stats!. A/W: 75m, or 40$ USD 2. was originally a skiller, but got ruined when i leveled magic. it has 99 thieving, 80 in most stats, and almost 40+ with exeption of some cb, also 78 dung and 60 sc tools (total of 1200 points), and classic access. A/W: 40m or 25$ USD 3. was a thieving skiller i got, is only 98, but 1175k to 99! has def/hp because i was tryign to get 35/35 for agile arm. A/W: 30m, or 20$ USD 4. not expecting much fro this, so no A/W set. was expose to be a 3a mage pure so kinda a 10 hp pure i guess? yeah so heres the accounts, bid away!selling a lvl 58 gmauler strictly for rushinghas only quest done for attk xp and dwarf cannon. pm for my and post here what your willing to payStunning Level 3 Skiller ~|~ 99 Dungeoneering ( 1 2)re-edition up the thread, making a new one
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