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    [SELLING] range/str f2p pure!!!!Selling f2p pker/rc staff pure It has fire talisman staff from GOP. Lower cb lvl than most acc's with its stats because of 1 atk. Fire talisman staff = higher str bonus than mithril 2h A/W = 15m I am the original owner of the account. This account has never been a member. I have just cancelled the email registered on it. Does not have a single offence/ban. I have never botted on this account. I will go first to trusted members of the community. This is for RSGP only. My : [email protected] chaotic purehey everyone,im selling a chaotic pure,heres some images: you`re probable saying; `this account have a little bank lmfao.` well,i got the solution! the account have 600k dung tokens,600k means 3 dung weapon can be bought. plus! i got a solution for money making! FROST DRAGONS! they can be killed with a dung lvl of over 85 and a rchaotic rapier is suggested because of its high stab! ima sell that account for irl money(via paypal) here`s what my account has to offer: 600k dung tokens=3 chaotic weapon of your choice ability to kill frost dragons cause of its high dung lvl ability of a high money making because of the frost dragon killing! its does mean that its not affected! you can still make it into a main or anything else! if you wish to buy,contact me,thats my ; [email protected][Paypal] C.vls pure account | 99Hunt , 78Str | 25$Hello, im selling my pure away cause i havent play rs for like 3-4months now, account is having 17m on it so price will be around 15$, i only accept paypal OR BF3 keycode / MW3 keycode. Account got no blackmarks, i can add pic if u want. Account is lvl 49. We can do recovery test with MM if u want. ://screensnapr/v/KR5l3G.png ://screensnapr/v/WfMFi0.png ://screensnapr/v/iYkJGQ.png If intrested add me on : [email protected] hacking . rs AW: 15$ / BF3 keycode / MW3 keycode / 30m rsgp[RSGP][PP] Selling lvl 27 w/ 99 def!!! [RSGP][PP]Hey Guys i'm back with another Pure This time is a lvl 27 cmb with 99 def I can sell the account w/ or w/o the Bank Value (around 60m) There are no recoverys or email reg. After a legit buyer has been found you will recieve user and pass and you will be good to go . I am looking for serious offers only and do not attempt to scam you will only get yourself banned. i do NOT take swap. We can use OMM or a Free MM of my choosing or you can go first. If you dont have 400+ vouches i will NOT go first. but enough of me rambling on here are the pics A/w-80USD S/b-Selling Good Level 59 F2P Pure w/ 2 Gravites [Cheap, Never Used]So I Don't use this account anymore, and seeing as there are no more bots, dungeoneering accounts are becoming quite fancied. I've decided to sell this basically to fund my account as i'm pretty poor right now :p I haven't used it in about a month, and before that at least two months as i only PKed for like 30 minutes that 1 time 25 days ago. This hits 220's+ With GLS and incredibly high with Gravite shortbow (Which is AMAZING compared to maple, same speed and so much more accurate) This combination is DEADLY. Just don't skull and bring 45k GP as risk :p SOLD TO SHSTIGER1993 : [email protected] I'm 100% fine with using any trusted MM, preferably free so neither has to pay, or you going first if you trust me. I have a few vouches, one of which being for 51.5M where he went first.[CHEAP][RSGP/PAYPAL]Selling level 5 w/ 99 Woodcutting & 72 Firemaking[RSGP/PAYPAL]Hey I'm selling this level 5 skiller with 99 woodcutting and 72 firemaking. I have no use for this account anymore so will take whatever I can get for it. There is an email registered but I can't figure out how to remove it so the account will come WITH the email account. Login Screen: Skills: Black Marks: Don't be deceived by the mute for account trading, I am the original owner of the account and can provide ISP created on, date of creation, original password. The account was hacked once and the person tried to sell it by going around on RS saying selling this acc -.- Starting Bid: $0.50/1M A/W: $15/30M I will not be going first unless you are fairly trusted. I am aware that I am not very trusted either so if you do not want to go first we can use an OMM at your expense. : [email protected] I have no use for this account so I want to try get rid of it fast and easy for whatever I can get.[$300 Donator][100+ Vouches] Selling level 3 Zeal Pures! [RSGP]Account 1: 480 zeals SOLD Account 2: 444 zeals SOLD Account 3: 428 zeals SOLD -All the accounts are level 3 with email logins -2 of the accounts are 3 letter/number names -You will get the membership info with the accountAmazing low level staker. ( 1 2)Hey guy for sale is my amazing low level staker i just finished building. This account can easily make alot of $ staking since it gives you such a great advantage over your opponent. Also the str levels dont level the account, it can get 79 str without leveling, i just got lazy. Feel free to post or hit me up on . cmb lvl: 46 : [email protected] The reason this account is such a great staker is becuase, it gives you on average 30 more hp then the average staker at your cmb lvl. This ends up winning almost all of the stakes.
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