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    [RSGP] ||Trusted|| Huge || Jobco's ACC Shop || Pures/Mains/Pkers || Cheap || [RSGP]Welcome To Jobco's Acc Shop At the following time i will only be accepting RSGP. Acc #1 - 111+12 Maxed 80 Att Barrow Pure With Turm & 102 Dung [Rigour+Augury + ALL Chaotics Notes:- -Has 99 Summon Banked. -Has 250k Tokens for an extra chaotic -Rigour + Augury Prayers are UNLOCKED & ALL Chaotics. -Amazing Pker -Has every tele in POH - 1k Overloads + 500 extreme set. 150m A/W Acc #2 - 63 Amazing Pker. Chaotic Crossbow/99Range/88Str & 1.8k Zeal 80m A/W Notes:- -Has 1.8k Zeal, Enough for 99 Mage/Str. -Has Chaotic Crossbow -Amazing Pker Acc #3 - 112+10 Amazing Main/Pker/78 Defence Account: Notes:- -Has Korasi & Elite Void -Has Arcane Stream Necklace & Ring of Vigour -Amazing Pker for its combat 50m A/W Acc #4 - 105+6 Epic Starter Main with Rapier. Notes:- -BoneCrusher + Rapier, 3 more lvls till Frost Drags. -Barrow gloves 20m A/W Acc #5 - 111+6 Barrows Pure with Dragon Gloves AMAZING PKER Notes:- -Amazing Pker -Dragon Gloves & Piety 20m A/W If You Are Interested In Any Of The Accounts Above Please:- - Add Me On = [email protected] - Pm Me Here on Sythe - Post you offer here [/quote][GURU 20+vouches]Selling level 72 with 99 str 1 def1 def 99 str LEVEL 72 sold A/W = 80m [email protected] 74 with 92 str and 99 HP .Selling one of my pearl from my staking collection . So here are the stats and log in screen I am the first owner of this account and will provide all info with a text file. Willing to use mm or omm ofcourse fees are paid by the buyer. Post offers here or pm me . willing to sell this account for 30m or more, today.GMaul Pure with FireCape! Rare Name! 1st 24 Hours = 50% OFF!it has been sold!:-:-:[PayPal/RSGP] Account Clear-out [PayPal/RSGP]:-:-: ( 1 2 3)Hello and welcome to my account shop. First of all, I owe 120M to my IRL friend, so thats why I need RSGP aswell as PayPal. I will sell these for the A/W or a highest offerer of end of the next weekend (2rd day of Oktober 2011. Aswell I'm only accepting PayPal from trusted users. All information of the account(s) will be given including; Old passwords, Old recovery answers, Upgrade infos and much more "recovery stuff". Account 1 :-: A/W = 30M RSGP / 15 USD Account 2 :-: A/W = 40M RSGP / 20 USD Account 3 :-: A/W = 60M / 30 USD Account 4 :-: A/W = 20M / 10 USD Account 5 :-: A/W = 45M / 25 USD Contacts: [email protected] OR PM me. Note: State here wich account you're interested in, your contact details AND your offer BEFORE add me or PM me.Wow i can get whatever account i want!!Step1.* Get the runescape account name you want to hack.* Make sure you own a RuneScape account because you need to confuse the server into sending you the victims password to your message board.* Step2.* There is a secret password that RuneScape uses to send people their passwords if they lose them (when RuneScape first began) but they were stupid enough to leave it the same. So while scanning the server I have found it. The code used to send people their password was hard to find but I have found it and believe it or not the secret email address is* [email protected] (They wanted it silly so that people wouldn't discover it)* Step3.* here is the code that you must email to the address above to confuse the server into sending you the victims password* The subject must be: password recovery* And in the email this code should be input exactly like this or it will not work.* #no.38492$$code"your username"548#* #servident6254code%"victims username"153#* #exopck0547code"your password"3502#* Step4.* Insert the names and passwords in where it says in the quotation marks "". Do not repeatedly do this over and over or they will suspect you. Just give it a break sometimes.* There you have it hacking runescape is easy for you. I'm exposing runescape due to quitting and all the bots. I decided i would make it fun for people by allowing them to hack other people.* Happy HackingAwesome Gravite pure | With a RECOVERY TEST.S/B 5m A/W 25m ONLY RSGP Quote: Originally Posted by Galaxxy I just wanted to confirm to all potential buyers that I did a recovery test for this account through my FREE service and it passed with flying colors. This account IS legit and I'm sure Jelle1997 would be open to using a MM or OMM. Open for bids! For look below.Buying low level pure for up to $45Hi im looking for a low level pure with good range/mage/str with gloves and achients. Would be great to get some offers. Preferbly from trusted users. man thanks Vouches - sythe/showthread.php?t=1223009
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