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    [RSGP]MUST SEE GMAUL PURE|98 Strength|99 mining|66 CB| Mith Gloves! [RSGP]Hello everyone, Today I'm looking to get rid of a pure that ive been working on for a while now. I'm getting rid of the account along with a few others in order to afford the new iPhone that's being released in the next couple weeks. OMM is always an option at your fees, otherwise unless you have 30+ vouches, don't bother asking for me to go first. SCAMMERS DONT BOTHER. Will be accepting rsgp as it is the safest way for a seller to trade, i don't deal with charge backs. Stats: Combat: Items: Recoveries are NOT set, however there is an email which will be changed to the buyers email once a deal is made. ADD MY WITH ANY QUESTIONS! [email protected] 20 Def 85 str/99 wc Pure account!Hi there , Since I m not playing on this account for a long time I decided to sell it , yes I m 1st owner of this account and I really wanna get rid of it , got much to do on my main account. PS. 19M+ WC XP Pictures: Selling method: RSGP PRICE: OFFER / PRICES START FROM 8M RSGP Yes Ill go first if you got like 15+ vouches I got all information of account that you need , old recoverys / old pws etc. PM ME ON FORUM + ADD ON : [email protected] with 93 str f2p k0Reposted and edited.[PP/RSGP] 69combat, 94mage, 80range w/Firecape! [PP/RSGP] ( 1 2)Please close!Initiate Pure - 99 Strength, 99 Magic. 2 Chaotics!!selling this account because i've started playing on my main more and not enjoying pking anymore, looking for around 80 mil, Stats are as follows, 89 Dung 99 Strength 99 Magic 20 Def 77 Constitution 80 Attack 52 Prayer I have gotten two Chaotics on it (Rapier and Maul) I also have Arcane stream Has Rune Gloves, Ancient Magiks Contact me either through at [email protected] or Add me Through - Name- NervousDragon[SELLING] Beast Pure, 2 Chaotics, Fully quested , 300MA, Fcape. Stream and more!Hello Sythe, I've got a amazing account for sale just looking for the right price / guy to sell it too, The reason im selling this account is basically just because of te game itself its not fun anymore and enjoyable as it ever was, there is no need of keeping this account if i log in for 5mins every 3weeks or so Pictures Below: Stats: The Bank: The Account also has : ~300 Ma rank, acces to imbued rings. ~As u see in the pic above Chaotic rapier + staff , imbued rings and Fire cape! ~Acces to addy gloves / god cape / zamorak book ~All of the pure quests done such as: MM , DT etc etc. ~Commander clothes ( from MA 300+rank needed + alot of reward credits) The trade: ~ MMO is MANDATORY on your cost. ~ Post and add me on for future discussions. ~ I won't go first and neither will you a MMO is MANDATORY! ~ The account will come with everything on it, too bad i sold my rsgp already. ~ Mainly looking for PAYPAL, but a GOOD RSGP offer would be fine too. Cheers have a look and enjoy the account im sure people will love it, but are you the right person? add and discuss! Maaskantje.[RSGP]Gravite pure, 64 Dung, G2H[RSGP]Hey guys, I'm working on my gmauler pure now, and haven't played on this Gravite pure in a while, so I'm selling it for RSGP only. I'll be happy to remove recoveries/email on serious inquires. This account also has a rather funny name. Sorry about the 3 defence... Was an accident. Still is a great account for f2p PK'ing. I am completely willing to this, as I know I am not the most "veteran" or trusted member. Current Bid: 5m Auto Win: 25m RSGP. Thanks guys, offer up!Buying Gmaul PureHey guys im buying a Gmaul pure looking to spend around 60m. So the stats i want are 50 att obviously, and a relatively high str, I would prefer 99 str but im not sure on how much that costs. So yeah 1 def, pray, and summ...NO EXCEPTIONS...NONE. Obviously the lower price you want the more interested i am in it lol. NOT GOING FIRST unless your highly trusted, if your not then we use OMM and you pay fees. I would prefer no recovs or email but will reconsider if your trusted. So post away!
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