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    Amazing level 74 with fire cape!Hey all I made this account back in the start of 2007 and then when they took the wilderness away I made it 20 defence, it has addy gloves as you can see and only needs todo the monkey ambassador part of RFD for rune. I pked a lot with this account in PVP with vesta and statius it raped. But haven't played it for a long time because I've been training up a turm rune pure. You can keep it as a 20 defence or it would be perfect to turn into a rune pure. The bank networth is about 500k if that, thats why I didn't screenie it, it has a full zammy book but you have togo get it at the light house it also has up2 steel defender. I am looking for RSGP only! A/W is 30mil. Post your offers and highest offer wins, you will post your details or pm on here and I will contact you. Here is my vouch thread, I have been around Sythe since 2007, I will not go first. sythe/showthread.php?t=1054678Deffentilly Look Right Here!!!Hahahaa Might be disappionted BUTTT needed 2 grab ya attention its done Desert treasure!!!!!! IF youd like my info or want more photos please add me to [email protected] or Please post here !!![RSGP] Selling combat 76 starter corrupt pure, CHEAP! [RSGP]Hello to all sythe members! I'm selling my pure for rsgp, so i can start up my new account! the buyer of the account has to help me switch/delete the reqs, i go first to trusted members, NO A/W.. Just give me some bids, here is the account: MM done, DT done. Stats: quests: Login screen: Offence history: Happy bidding! Raymond1992.mage/pure DONE DESERT TREASURE!!SELLING CHEAP... BEST OFFER GETS IT !!!!!!!!!! please post here !!!!!!!Buying Turm PueBuying a 30 defence turmoil pure with no more than 90 strength and no more than 80 attack..prefibibly 75 attack or less. no recoveries set unless easily can remove them same with black marks. ect. i want non combat skills up aswell to a reasonable level. i will spend no more than 100m on this and i will pay for mmMage/range pure!Hiya guys im looking to sell my mage/range pure! It needs a bit of work but thats what runescapes all about!! I'm looking for RSGP for it Please offer! scammers please dont waste my time Please contact me via [email protected][Selling]Level 75 Hybrid Pure [Ch Staff] [82 Dung] + More!Hi there, I'm wanting to get rid of all my runescape accounts, due to being bored of this game and im sick of the pjing Ect. It's getting beyond stupid and too many hackers nowadays. So im going to be getting rid of this and other accounts. Payment; [PAYPAL] due to not wanting to play this game anymore! This account has many of Great features including Chaotic Staff, Arcane Stream, Runecrafting robes, 130 Overloads, 1k of each extreme, Full zamorak book, And about 5M starting GP, i'd prefer to use it for the OMM we're going to be using And 500+ recover Specials I've mostly completed EVERY pure quest that has been needed Dt - Completed MM - Completed Addy Gloves - Completed Climbing boots - Completed So it's all ready for hybriding / Normal Pking what ever you want + Is great for wars with overloads [=swiftkit][/ + A whole months membership There will be a recovry test with OOM, i will most likely be paying with the money On the account atm roughly 6M or something. : [email protected][RS] Buying 1 Defense Pure!Swapping for a good main & spending up to 100$ USD! Requirements 50-80attack 90+str 80+dung 1 def 90+range 90+mage some good quests done
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