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    [RSGP/PAYPAL] G maul pure lvl 61! with range!This account is an old account of mine and i just want to sell it because i no longer use it Autowin = Dragon pickaxe for main need to sell quick!Selling pure claw rusher for TF2 itemsHeres the account information No recovery questions/no mems left hads a good 31M+ RSGP no marks/warnings/anything on account. 100% clean. Stats Quests- done DT add me on steam to talk. you go first unless you have a good amount of vouches or are willing to pay for a verified MM that deals with tf2/RS. I'm looking for keys, ref, bills, buds, ect. steamcommunity/id/crbilodeau/[RSGP] Selling A Starter Range Tank | 82 Range | 82 Dungeoneering | Chaotic C'bow | MI'm selling this started range tank for RSGP and nothing else. So please only offer RSGP. I'm selling because I've made a new zerker and no longer have any use for this. It has some decent stats including 82 Dungeoneering which is a big bonus as it's a high potential to be a FDK. It also has roughly 9-10 weeks of membership still available, just under 3 months, as shown in the pictures. All F2P quests are completed along with Priest In Peril and Animal Magnetism. The total bank wealth is roughly 500k. So I didn't bother taking a wealth picture. T.O.S I will only be selling this account to who I deem trusted enough. I will not go first under any circumstances. I do not however have any problem using and VMM/OMM with a recovery test (at your fees). Images: C/B : 20m A/W: 30mReset(11def) Turmoil, Handcannon, BGloves etc.Title says it, also has moonclan armour, access to yak's training etc etc etc. Looking for RSGP. Bearing in mind this type of account is rarer than a phat im in no rush to sell. No posts or feedback because I only made this to sell this account. Fed up of pures and didnt want to ruin this. tinypic/view.php?pic=b9hbio&s=7 tinypic/view.php?pic=15p39rd&s=7 tinypic/view.php?pic=35a2lah&s=7 tinypic/view.php?pic=9jhcld&s=7 Post offers! RSGP ONLY!!Selling level 78 ranger!!!Hey Sythe, selling this account as i've recently quit Runescape. With school, football, and i'm just not as into it as i used to be, i'm selling all of my accounts. This is a great account, especially for pking. I'm not sure what i want for the price, i'll just give it a starting bid of $8... So, just PM me because i most likely won't be on but i'll try to be on as often as possible. is in the siggy... Happy bidding! pics: Uploaded with[Trading RS Pure for Rapier Pure]Title Says All... :[email protected] Looking 4 a (Rapier Pure 45 def or less) This Account has 200k tokens left..#N/ARemove Please.Selling lvl 93 tank/skiller!sorry for the white space. i did this using print screen on paint and i couldn't care less on how it looked. anyways i'm quitting and i'd like to sell my account for CASH. preferably not rsgp, but go ahead and make offers cause i'd like to see the average i could get for this account. post offers below. thanks guys *has monkey madness, lunars, and ancients done.
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