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    [RSGP]Selling Maxed 91 attack pure with 90 dung 99 herb! [RSGP]Hi im selling my maxed pure because i need turmoil on my other pure. the reason im selling is because i dont want to ruin a good pure when i already have an account with defence. add my - [email protected] and we can talk about prices. thanks : )[RSGP] Level 74 Pure - 99 Magic, Herblore, 96 Fletching! [RSGP]sold Account - Can Close Thread.[PP] LVL 63 pure [PP]First of all, i don't want any swaps or RSGP. I'm looking for somewane who wants to buy my pure because i stopped a while ago and i want to sell him for some cash. And yes i know i'm new but everyone needs to start ones? I won't go first because I don't want to lose my account to scammers. Stats: Combat lvl: Pilars: Playscreen: Yes i know i still have recovery questions, i can't find how to remove them. If you only want a char without them, give me a methode how and ill do it Quests: 79 questpoints With: -Recipe for disaster [Addy gloves] -Monkey madness -Desert treasure -Dwarf cannon -Death plateau -Mountain daughter And more>>THE ULTIMATE RAPIER STAKER - 99 Dungeoneeringreset but I havent played on it for 9 it should be good lol. Only asking about 11m - however about 9.5 would buy it - Pictures:: The recovs were set so long ago that I have no idea what the answers even are lol -- As for the email im counting on you to know how to cancel and turn that off cause I have no clue o_O Im only asking for rsgp because I dont really know how to work paypal and such.. Anyway hit me up on this thread or add me on :: Tylerisme :: I know im kinda noob on forums and everything but id love a vouch after this is done PS: I have a RunecraftingPro auth that i need to sell as well if someone could link me to a thread that does that i would be most appreciative =o.[RSGP]Pro Gmauler - 83 str | 31 pray | 50 att | 64 Dung | G2H[RSGP]Hey guys, I just recently purchased a Zeal mule, so I have absolutely no need for my mauler "pure" anymore. Sorry about 5 def. I am completely willing to get rid of the email and hand over the recoveries. I played on this account for awhile, it's about a year old, and had some good times with it, though I will definitely not be needing it anymore. It has G2H as well, stated in title. 99 Strength at 10hp is much more fun. Has almost another month of mem. Happy bidding There are NO blackmarks, didn't feel like posting a pic. C/O - N/A A/W - 50m PICS:Selling My Runescape AccountI am selling my runescape account 103 combat. attack: 75 strength: 99 -GOOD- defence: 75 range: 10 prayer: 43 magic: 80 hitpoints: 89 I dont accidentaly deleted my microsoft paint so i cant post screen shots. sorry Post if interested. looking for 20m rsgp or 20 usd. post if interested.
Thread Status:
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