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    [PP] Selling maxed 86 combat pure!Hey sythe here selling my pride and joy, my maxed 75 attack pure. 99 str 99 mage 99 range. The account has all main pure quests done include dt only quests not done are rfd. We will being using an OMM that we both agree on and you will pay the fee. If you do not have over 20 vouches do not even waste your time thanks happy bidding![Rsgp/Paypal] Level 96 Range Tank - 97 Range 89HP 81 Def | Cheap must look! [Rsgp/PP]I am looking to sell my level 96 range tank for rsgp/ usd over paypal. Will go first if i deem you trusted, also willing to let a mod/omm to complete a recovery test at your expence, preferably a quick sale open to offers and AW is not set in stone. I will verify in game if needed. add me on for further info: [email protected] It has over 20m rsgp on it in pking items, no membs or email. AW - $40 / 90M RSGP Stats: Login: Offences:Selling Epic: (99 Con 78 range staker)Pretty much no bank on it{rsgp} lvl 67 rolled back FULLY quested pure!! Fully quested to rune gloves DT/MM/HFD I am in fact the original owner. account slightly got rolled back. will more than willing do trade with OMM/MM. we can POSSIBLY split fees. No set autowin nor current bid. starting bid: 20m add my - [email protected] feel free to PM me.[PP/Cash] AMAZING 69 Pure w/ Fire Cape, 190m+ AMAZINGUp for sale is one of my last accounts that I remember that's worth anything, a 69 pure with fire cape, green mask (over 190m total wealth). Uploaded pics for your perusal. PAYPAL OR MAIL ONLY Also, the account has a cool 4 letter display name, and the account name is four characters (3 letters and a space) Contact: [email protected] or via Sythe PM{Rsgp} selling lvl 87 staker!! 88 dung chaotic rapier/longsword!! ( 1 2) stats W- 80m ONLY TAKING RSGP. [email protected][RSGP] Buying a 1-45 def pure 45M [RSGP]Hello all, I am looking to buy a `1-45 def pure with the following stats attack- 60-80 Strength- 80+ Defence 1, 20, 32, 40, 45 Magic- 82+ Range 75+ Prayer 1+ Dung is also a bonus. I am also looking for it to be quested. Minimum of DT/MM done. Thank you and post all offers here/PM ME! Will be getting recovery test/MM for the trade.[Trusted] Selling BEAST Level 73 One Defence Pure with 99 HuntingI am ONLY accepting Paypal and Rsgp. No SWAPS. I am the only owner. You will receive all the previous information upon purchase. Use The Form or You Will Be Infracted Code: Your offer: Your :
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