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    swapping lvl 98 wiht 3 99s for almost any staker!my lvl 98 has 95 mage 99 fletch 99 cook 85 smith 93 wc and more! pm me on sythe if u have a staker that u want to trade for it. thanksBuying F2P pure !buying a F2p pure, my offer is 30$ it would be great whit some wealth on it. : toompaa1 for more talk.Runescape Zerker pure level 81The account has no money, nor membership. Contact for more information..Looking for Rsgp. Paypal is accepted tho. Offers start now..PURE ACCOUNTs SALE--4 pures for sale AMAZING stats ---MUST [email protected][email protected][email protected]!Account #1 Range/Gmauler NO SWAPS!!!!!!!!! a/w 50m--- Account #2 a/w 100m All around amazing 1 def pure with dt done and addygloves Account #3 a/w 200m Incredible rune pure. Has lunar and ancient spell books as well as rune gloves, full zammy book, and a FIRE CAPE! Account #4 a/w 35m---- A 2 def pures with dt done and 44 prayer pretty good account to start off with also has avas.Selling 99 def 84 range 92 hp 88 cb acc {RSGP only}Idk how to post the screenshots but The stats are: 99 def, 84 range,92 hp,77 att, 49 str, 58 mage,1 pray and about 1m coins 88 cb offer for it in rsgp Its a really good staking account if you know how to use it. I have no need for it anymore that is why im selling it.[rsgp]selling an amazing 99 str 60 attack pure![rsgp]Hello, i am selling an amazing pker, i have pked about ten mil over 2 days, it has not done dt or mm, in fact it has only done lost city, but it still owns everyone with d claw spec! so now to the account..... i brought the account about 4 weeks ago from a trusted member and has not since been recovered (obisuly) and its got mems! here are the pics: Stats: Log in: I didnt bother putting up quest as its only done lost city. If interested reply to this thread. Thank you in advance. Bye.[CHEAP] Selling level 84+6! [DEAL]Wanna sell this quick so i can get RSGP to buy iDung Pro. Will sell for 35M.[RSGP] Selling 99 str F2P pure. [40/99/1]sold Keeping this pic up so people know, and so the buyer can refer back Quote: Originally Posted by KerokeroCola The login email address of the account was the exact same as an account I sold him. This did, in fact, used to belong to me and I'd be happy to assist in the recovery of whoever buys it if anything bad happens. Yup, you herd it. Verified. And he can recover if anything happens. (which nothing will obviously. I don't mess around)
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