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    Selling Awesome Turmoil Zerker 100% Quested ( 1 2)Hello guys, simple and short im selling this acc has b gloves 100% quested 97+5 cb in wild, Heres some pics, no recs or email.. A/W 150M. ONLY RS GP ONLY RS GP Recoveries/Email: Stats: Turmoil: If you have any questions or something, feel free to add me on [email protected] ONLY RSGP ONLY RS GP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP ONLY RSGP NO PAYPAL OR WHAT SO EVER!Starter Zerker (70/82/42)Done quests needed to wear berserker, allso lost city, access to gwd..etc. Just want money back i spended on member lol. 15m firm [email protected]>Buying Range Pure PA]Looking to buy a 1 DEF range pure, preferably without any other combat stats than a high range level, will pay well, will also use MM/OMM or PA Preferably Post here or PM me : [email protected] G Mauler [99 Strength][RSGP][OMM]A/W = 100M C/B = Attack is quested Comes with around a 2M bank with items ready for PK'ing. The account has membership until the November 26th. With the account you will get a list of details of when the account was created, previous passwords etc. We will use an OMM from Sythe to do the trade. I only accept RSGP and I am looking for 100M. There are no black marks/cons and I am willing to meet in-game with you if you need anymore evidence. Any questions feel free to PM me!lvl 99 for saleselling this acc for irl cash, rsgp or swap for pin. log in. wealth. Quests. Desert treasure done. monkey madness done. selling this account fast. if someone wants to buy i remove email and recoverys. my is : [email protected] Pures for sale! [DT] [1def]Account #1 Combat level: 56 A BREATH TAKING Blitz-GMaul rusher. MAXED for its combat level. Lowest possible defense level (1), and lowest possible prayer level (11), for the completion of the quest Desert Treasure. Stats: This account has plenty sets of full ghostly There are no recovery questions or registered email on the account: Proof of quests: No bans or mutes: A/w is 50m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Combat level: 63 INCREDIBLY HIGH Con. Staking prodigy. Doesn't lose a stake. Stats: NOW HAS 41 DUNGEONEERING! No registered email and no recovery questions set: No bans or mutes: A/w is 30m Add my , and post yours here. Mine is: [email protected][Paypal/Rsgp] Selling Perfect Pure 60 Attack 99 Strength 1 DefenceNot for sale...◆ | 40 defence Pure | 99 Str, 99 Range, 99 Magic, 95 HP | RARES, MM, DT, RFD | ◆Hey guys, I've got a really nice 40 Defence Pure for sale- 96 Combat Level 77 Attack 99 Str 99 Magic 99 Range 95 HP 40 Defence [Stats were Partially Quested] If you get 80 Dungeoneering could be made in to a Maxed Rapier/Maul PKER And all these Skills were NEVER BOTTED. So a lot of blood, sweat & tears was put in to this account. 2009 Holiday Items- Golden Hammer Also comes with a Whip, Skill Capes & PKING Equipment Quested- Desert Treasure RFD - Addy (HAS the skills for dragon) Monkey Madness Horror From Deep Priest In Peril Animal Magnetism And many other essentials+ I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER A/W - 125$ or 200m Considering All Offers Add my : caps_are_fun or my : [email protected] Pictures: Along with the account, you will get the recoveries and the email removed.
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