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    Buying 94 Mage + DT done accountWill use a MM, I will pay depending on other stats. I'd prefer higher other stats to be low. PM me if you have an account, James.Buying Quested Barrage Gmaulerim buying a quested barrage gmauler must haves: dt done mith gloves will pay using rsgp or paypalGreat pure for sale or RSGP Swap99 Magic 99 Range 80 strengh (pretty sure it still has 100 zeal ??) 1 Defence 1 Prayer Lost City done. s1191.photobucket/albums/...current=gf.jpg[Turmoil Pure] 99 Range, Mage, Korasi, 2 Chaotics, Ovls, QUESTED.So, i've finally decided to sell my Near-Maxed turmoil pure. Why you might ask? I've simply gotten bored of it and hope to create a new type of pure in which i will need some starting cash. This account is less then 6 months old, no offences and is truly a good account. What comes with the account: All previous info (I am the only owner, ever) If i feel comfortable enough with you, my cell phone number Youtube Channel (No views really 1 video of my 99 mage, also can give you my 99 range clip, just for the name) What does the account have?: 2 Chaotics - Rapier, Maul Overloads (32 Full as of now) Korasi quest completed 74 Summoning (5 More levels for titans)(+9 Combat) Turmoil / 95 Prayer Entgallow Staff (T9 Dungeoneering Staff) 3 Effigies (2x Starved, 1x Sated) Rune gloves Fire cape Some left over charms (about 100k xp worth or so?) Troll Invasion XP Hasn't been used for this month. Name Change available Is a member of the clan 'Fatality' which, in my opinion, one of the BEST pure clans. 3-0 at friday's PCL. What Am I looking for?: RSGP Paypal @ .5 / M (I'd rather you buy RSGP and trade it) the use of an OMM / Trusted MM.( Will NEVER go first unless 300+ Vouches) NO SWAPS WHATSOEVER. Price Check? Quote: Originally Posted by KerokeroCola $200-250. Very nice account you've got there. A/w : 250$ / 500M RSGP S/b : 50$ / 100M RSGP Contact me : [email protected] or PM me. (*140k from 96 strength*) On to the pictures.Selling Maxed, Fully Quested 60 Attack Pure ( 1 2 3)Sold.[RSGP,SWAP, PP]Selling 83 - 1Def pure - 99Range Great STATS [RSGP - PP]Within the new society of Runescape and constant updates I generally dislike pure pking as a whole even at clan level, and therefore would like to sell one of my in the past great pkers. Swap - I'd be willing to swap for a turmoil (unlikely) or high level main (130+), possibly even a rune pure with chaotics etc, all this aside, offer me whatever you have. Good Points 99 Range and 90 HP 85 Strength and 67 Attack (close to AGS specials) 94 Mage to allow hy/tribridding All of the preliminary pure quests completed - RFD to Addy, DT MM LC 1 Defence and Nowhere near levelling 83 Hunter for newbies to create cash Large amounts of ready to go Pking sets (runes, pots, gear) Small amount of cash (around 200k, 1mil including items roughly) No Black marks, Recoveries and Email will be removed Buyer will receive previous and current information Price: I'm looking for A/W 120mil - 70$ I appreciate your concerns about my post count, but we can use an MM and split the costs - I WILL NOT GO FIRST IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCESelling BoxerSelling an amazing BOXER/ MAGE BOXING STAKER!! MUST LOOK. I am the original owner and can provide all details upon purchase.. Check it out on, I'm a verified seller and would love to get rid of this account Thanks playerup/offer/...ence-58117728/[cheap]sick Account Shop!! [cheap]Selling an unused pure I dont need anymore i dont play it so dont see point in having.....dont mind the offer as long as its reasonable. Offer up i guess, here are pics: Also a range tank that i havent played in about 3 years, here are some pics: Finally my last account.. 70 def barrows pure, pics: THIS ACCOUNT ALSO HAS A SICK OG 4 LETTER NAME AND OLD RS CLOTHES U CANT GET ANYMORE! Well offer guys! RSGP/Paypal. Obviously highest offer wins. Sorry about being newcomer but i hope i can be trusted
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