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    [96m wealth] 93 fishing starter pure!! [paypal/swaps]sup guys.. just a pure i never use anymore.. has 96m wealth.. i am origional owner and i will be able to give you all information on the account.. im looking for an account that has atleast 20m-50m on it MAINLY LOOKING FOR PURES/ZERK/DECENT MAINS. and paypal im looking for around $90-$110 USD PICS WEALTH- STATS- - [email protected] add my .. LEAVE YOUR OFFER ON THIS THREAD BEFORE YOU ADD MY PLEASE. I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.. IF YOU WANT, WE WILL USE MY HOWEVER, IT WILL BE AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE!!Selling lvl 68 Pure Incredible !!!!! [RSGP]- Stil has some membership left - RSGP ONLY - 30m = Autowin * Anyone questions feel free to ask. Post offersSelling Level 74, 1 Def 97 range 94 magicPost your offers! will use omm or trusted mm i do not want to trade this account for any other accounts. has crystal bow, addy gloves, full zammy book, accumulator, dt done, mm done, AMAZING GODSWORD PURE [Paypal/RSGP ONLY]Heres my godsword pure, I ONLY accept RSGP and paypal, either you go first or OMM. The account has MM and DT done and also has mith gloves from RFD, if you would like me to verify i can also i have gotten 86 mage on it now. If you are interested pm me on sythe with your and/or post here, Thnxselling a good account with 5x 99looking for about 25m but if i can get around that i will be happy will be happy to use mm / omm [email protected] Nearly Maxed 50 Def Zerker (swaps)(rsgp)Hey I'm trying to sell my near maxed "failed" zerker for some rsgp or even a new acc. As for rsgp please post your bids here before adding my . For swaps I am taking 1 def pures only. The account has gloves up to dragon and most the quests needed for a good zerker. Theres still around 10 days of membership left on it so get it quick. I recently got hacked so theres almost no wealth on the account. Recoveries and email will be removed once i find a buyer. Thanks. My : [email protected] please post here before adding Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with[SWAP]Buying Range Tank[SWAP]Prefer 1 in everything but hp def and range but i will take accs with more. I am looking for accs with 60+ def and 85+ range I have a pure with DT, MM, HFD, etc done. 60 attack, 75 strength, 2 def, 52 prayer, 55 range, 87 magic 27Mil RSGP. THe account has a 99 stat also, great for money making. If you have offers post here or PM me sythe/showthread.php?t=1047356Trading 2 accounts for 1 with much gplook at pics, i got a 88 as free, 91 as member, and a 95 as free, idk what he is as member. The 88 account has 69mil, the second account, has torso, whip, d l, dboots, n helm, trading these for an account thats hopefully over 100, also I would like one that has the new prayers, god i want those, for those who say use 69mil to get skills, i hate training combat, just don't want to take the time, also, i don't want to do temple of sennisten, also i hate smithing, not getting up to 65. Add [email protected] and chat with me for request of pics. Nothing wrong with jagex, did get muted twice, once for advertising website, second because i got hacked, and someone spammed
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