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    Level 98 Insane money maker [Paypal/RSGP] 4x99Hey sythe, Im currently selling my main account that i have worked on for quite a number of years now but runescape is getting in the way of my school work so ive given it up but im still playing my pure. Pics: Gold4rs would offer me - $100 for it and i know that is cheap considering its money making potential. 91 runecrafting can easily make 600-700k per hour along with some other of the great skills. add my or pm me - [email protected] 84 starter main for a strength pure.proof: aim: iraage : [email protected][RSGP]Selling Starter Pure[PP]hey Boys, I'm interested in selling a start pure , has started Desert Treasure and has not finished it but is very close. i have over 10 vouches and i will go first to Very trusted users, other than that, please offer both Paypal-Rsgp! i would hope you trust me and will go first. i will list some vouches under pictures, and my is here [email protected] Quote: Originally Posted by wcer2552 Huge vouch for ellomates, dont normally go first but went first and everything went smooth, sold 30mill quick and easy!! Quote: Originally Posted by DeezyWeezy Big Yellow vouch for ElloMates!! Sold 100m to her we did 50/50 very trustworthy thanks showthread.php?t=1045050 Quote: Originally Posted by DjoleSon Vouch for ellomates, sold her 10m! Smooth trade! Very legit! Quote: Originally Posted by xGrigz BIG FATTY VOUCH! i bought 5 mill and went first! Quote: Originally Posted by boeboe Another vouch for Ellomates, sold her 20m for 17$. Quote: Originally Posted by roundkickkid Vouch for Ellomates , sold her 6mil, this time i went first XD, will sell her more gold in the future. Quote: Originally Posted by wcer2552 sold another 40m to ellomates, i went first, will sell in future to him again! Quote: Originally Posted by detoxavenger She just sold me gold 10m for 12 good deal[GP] Sell Ranged Staker 86Cmb [GP] ( 1 2)A/W 9M gp. I will accept any gp offer for this account, since i have no money for my other staker i have to sell this account. Very nice pker . The account is very good at staking and at pking. Has pk videos on youtube and i will show u them. There isn't much in bank but i will sell it cheaply since its clean has some to start off. Btw, i will give youtube account with vids.[rsgp/pp] Selling 64cb | 85 Strength | 57 Attack | 1 Defence | 1 Pray | 74 Hpas title says I am selling a level 64 with 85 strength and 57 attack, 3 more attack levels and this will be the perfect claws staker or dds pureSellig Nice Ddser Pker Must Look!hello this is my account i am selling i will be accepting rsgp possible paypal no swaps here we go:Selling Level 76 with 1 defence 99 range 95 magic and more *PAYPAL ONLY*Im done playing this game so im selling my level 76 with 99 range 95 magic 85 str 85 hp This account is currently ranged based needs 4more str levels to be melee based (Read Entire Post) THIS IS NOT AN AUCTION IM SELLING THIS ACCOUNT FOR $90.00 Do not post if you dont want to buy or you will be reported as spam Contact- [email protected] *has full zammy book, dt done, mm done,regicide done, rolving eyes done, addy gloves and accumulator* *No recoveries* *No email set* *in the last picture those are the items that come with the account*RSGP/ Verified PP | TWO GREAT ACCOUNTS | VERY CHEAP | 90+ STATS |sold both.
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