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    Selling very rare named 3 letter 1 def pure; 99 Magic. [RSGP] ( 1 2)Hey there, selling this 1 defence pure Noteable stats: 42 attack 60 strength 73 ranged(6k to 74) 99 Magic 63cb Banks nearly cleaned; has magic cape banked. Noteable Quests: Tree gnome village Waterfall quest Biohazard Dwarf Cannon Please note: I will not be going first; You will go first or find a suitable OMM. When I find a serious buyer; I will help change e-mail/recovs and allow a recovery test.[Paypal] Selling level 91 miner starter skiller cheap! [RSGP]Basically, this account is a good starter main, and add in the 91 mining stat and it's an awesome deal! A/W is at 30m or 15$. This account has membership left and has every F2P quest done. The 47 dungeoneering gives access to awesome mining spots which 91 mining lets you mine any ore! PM me for special deals! The email is set but I honestly don't know it or the recovery (notice the date they're set) but we can change them if you guys really need them changed.[RSGP] Selling Chaotic Pure!! 100K from 80 Dung![RSGP]No longer selling. Thanksselling pureHas 0 bank, no recovs no email, looking to trade for member pins for main add my 20 Def 99 Mage CB 78Hello, Im Selling This Account As I Dont Need Anymore, ( IM NOT GOIN FIRST ) OMM if you Pay Fees Happy Bidding. [email protected][RSGP][SWAP]WoW acc: 6 85s 1 account! For pure or RSGP!World of Warcraft account with 6 85s. 4 toons in s9 t2 and a Rogue in s10 t2. Rogue has an item level of 381. I am the original owner. I can provide security question, email change, address, phone number, everything to the account. EVEN THE PHOTO ID. ~CHARACTER INFO~ ROGUE: 381 item level. s10 t2. 280 flying. 517JC and 450 Eng. Hunter: DUELIST title. 2560+ highest rating. s9 t2. s10 t1 [havent played my hunter this season much]. Max skinning, Max eng. 310 flying. Druid: t2 s9. 2560+ highest rating. 310 flying. FERAL. Max herb and mining. Warrior: s9 t2. 280 flying. No proffs. Paladin & Mage: s9 gear mix of t1. Not much to say here. ~WHAT I WANT~ I am looking for RSGP or Pures only. The offer must be good seeing this account can sell for more than $100 usd on cg, EASY. I don't really want to quit WoW so the offer must be enough for me to let go. I have RL friends begging me to play RS with them. If you have a pure to offer, it must be 99 mage and close to 99 range. Must have high str or defence. Prayer at least 52. I don't care if it's botted as long as the HP on the account isn't low from range guilding. You must provide an oMM for this trade. ~CONTACT ME~ POST HERE BEFORE CONTACTING : Cyanidez1 : [email protected] PM ME ~PICTURES~[paypal] Selling lvl 96 range tankskilleri'm selling this account because i don't really play anymore. if you want a middle man you pay for the fees. CONTACT ME BY SENDING ME A MESSAGE. Starting Bid: $50 Uploaded with Uploaded with the email and recov questions will be deleted when a possible buyer is found. Uploaded with Good luck everyone!!!awsome 89 zerker pure!!!!!!!!!!!!!selling for rsgp and members pin, open to offers on the gp. started playing my main
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