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    [Rsgp] selling skiller 3 99's and lots of other skills in the 90 range.if u would like this account i want rsgp on my main for it.. it has menber ship on it. Stats are posted below[Rsgp]77 Combat rapier staker[80 dung][200k tokens] ( 1 2)I am selling a sexy dung pure here with 200k tokens He has a little work to do a few attack levels and get some higher str and you will dominate the duel arena. I will not go first, I will use an OMM you pay fee's. Not setting an a/w atm just looking for offers. All skilling and combat stats (other than att,str,def,hp) were gained from dungeoneering and will not effect the combat level. Current Highest offer:80m[Initiate Pure]Fully Quested[84Dungeoneering]closed.[RSGP]Special Zerker for Sale, MUST SEE! 99 Range 99 fishing Fcape Veng,DT,MM,[RSGP]Hey, I'm selling this special zerker. It's a amazing account! I am selling this level 90+7 Zerker account. It includes 99 range 94 mage 70 att 86 str 52 prayer, and 100k to 90hp!! The account itself has 99 fishing (17.7m Fishing experience!) It has a firecape. Rune gloves. DT. MM. Animal magnitism. Every quest apart from barrow gloves. The account will also have membership till the 24th Of May and there will be about 600k netwealth on the account! It also has a rune defender. I will only sell this account with using a verified MM or a OMM. The BUYER will pay expense's if there are to be any. I can also show the account via Teamviewer. Stats---> Bank---> Offences---> Login Info---> A/W IS 50M! ADD MY : [email protected] for any questions!!! I can use Teamviewer!! Thanks guys[PAYPAL/RSGP] Selling level 83 GodSword PURE! |99 RANGE| 50 SUMMON| HIGH SKILLS|Hello, i'm selling my pure that i have worked on for quite sometime. Things to know: I will not go first WE WILL GET MM IF YOU EXPECT ME TO GO FIRST WILL ACCEPT SWAPS OR RSGP OR PAYPAL I AM ORIGINAL OWNER ALL DETAILS WILL BE PROVIDED HASNT BEEN BOTTED ON IN 6 MONTHS COMPLETELY CLEAN[RSGP]Selling low hp pure acc 60 att 85 str 86mage 99hunterYes quiting this account so i can focus playing on my main with friends. Taking RSGP only, happy biding i will be very flexible with the price since i need the cash fast so throw away a bid Notice: Since the account have 99 hunter and 86 magic it can earn the max amount of cash a pure can. Just go catch implings in puro puro and it will earn you 500k-1M/hour! isn't that awesome? Stats: 60 attack 85 strength 31 prayer 1 defence 75 range 86 magic 57 hp 99 hunter(skillcape FTW!) =65 combat!!![Turmoil Pure]Low Level[Fully Quested][Firecape] ( 1 2)Selling My Low level turmoil pure. EDIT:JUST GOT 99 MAGIC TODAY. I would be happy to meet up ingame and prove quests done/skills etc. I am the original owner of this acc and will provide you with all 1st information. -Rules Of Trade- I will not be going 1st. MM will be used by ur choice and pay. We can work out some type of 50/50 if needed. Taking Rsgp and RSGP ONLY. -Noticeable Quests- Desert Treasure Monkey Madness Rfd- Rune Gloves Temple of Senntisten Horror from the deep Ardy Cape reqs. -Noticeable Items- Firecape Ardy Cape Rune Gloves Please post here b4 you add my . [email protected] A/W - 200m If your not so interested in this check out my almost maxed zerker Pure for sale - sythe/showthread.php?p=8767891#post8767891Initiate Pure 7M 65 HunterClosed, Sold
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