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    99 Pung - Initiate Pures - Veteran.Hello Sythe, ive got thoose three account that i dont need anymore.. IMPORTANT. i'll wont be going first unless your extremely trusted... Account #1 Has 3 Chaotic weapons wich can be dropped or anything defence can be trained and so on... So ill only go first if you're trusted... Otherweise OMM at your fee.. Paypal and RSGP are acceptable. NO SWAPS. All Offers under 100M for account #1 will be ignored. Email + Recovers will be deleted when i find's a buyer i keep them on accounts for safety reasons UNTIL i'll FIND A SERIOUS BUYER. CONTACT [email protected] : Pr01337niko Youtube: QwuittedPkr ALL INFORMATION ABOUT THE ACCOUNT'S WILL BE GIVEN EXPEPT IP/ISP And they are all three in GREEN ZONE Account #1. 97+2Cmb: Chaotic Raiper - Maul - Long - Arcane Stream - Ring of vigour - 99 Dung 99 Str. - Dragon Slayer '/ Nature of spirit Completed as Defence questes. OBS: + 88K Dung tokens ALL OFFERS UNDER 100M WILL BE REPORTED AS SPAM! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. I've already been scammed once by a semi trusted... went on my dung pure and bought some gravite love you for my tokens and it took him 20mins to get from varrock to lumby, then he said.. Nvm not interested AFTER HE BOUGHT love you FOR MY 200K TOKENS. Thats why it's hard for me to trust people on my dung account with 3 Chaotic weapons. Account #2. 87Cmb: Veteran Cape - Good Hybrid stats. Looking for 40-50M Account #3. Zeker - 99 Str - 99 Cooking. NO recovers or Email already take-away able!! OFFER! i've can "confirm" or verified, show all the accounts in-game to prove that i've owe em all.. Any questions? Fell free to Post here or PM me My VouchesSelling Zerker 99str 94 mage [120m A/w]Hey I am selling my zerker for RSGP ONLY please do not offer swaps or paypal I will be willing to use a MM and do a recovery test and everything I just want this account gone. Offer away If you leave an offer also leave your so I can contact you.90 Combat, 99 Mining + Smithing + more great statsHere to sell another account! It has 99 Mining and 99 Smithing plus more great stats. Once again, I am willing to let this account go for pretty cheap, so just offer what you feel is reasonable. 1. I will NOT be going first unless I consider you "trusted" 2. Upon purchase, you will receive a .txt document or email with ALL the information about the account. 3. You get what you see and am willing to meet in-game to prove I own the account. I accept PayPal ONLY! No trades, no RSGP.Trading RS account LVL 89, 2 mill, dragon gear, for wow cata cd key!Hey guys nice and simple! Trading this LVL 89 combat account with 2 mill, dragon items, and some cool stuff for a wow cata cd key! OR if you wish to buy it then sure send offers via pm Feel free to ask any questionsSelling RuneScape accounts going away for any good price! [Paypal]Hey, I quited runescape ages ages ago. And I'm in need for money for my scooter So yeah I thought, why not selling my accounts? I will use OMM, you pay. Paypal only Here picutres of accounts. Please leave a message below if you want more information about an account. Kind Regards, Micko Price: 95$ Price: 75$ Price: 35$ Price: 25$ Price: 15$ If you don't agree with the prices, then place a bid Let me hear about it ! bye[rsgp]∞Combat 98 Insane Med Level 75 Def Piety Hybrid∞ [/rsgp]Hey Sythe! I'm here to sell the best pker I have ever created. This is the account I have been pking for 4 months, and it has pked millions. Med Level hybrids are becoming increasingly popular in worlds like 65, 18, 172 and 23. First off, the login. This account has NO RECOVERIES. Which is starting to become rare in the black-market, due to the recovery deletion trick not working anymore. The email, is set, but will be changed in the selling process. The account also comes with a few days membership if you buy now. Secondly, the stats. With this type of an account high strength is not required. The whole point is to tank while staying a low level. The finishing stats to finish off this account which I would recommend are 90 Strength, 75 Defence, and higher summoning/dungeoneering if you wanted. Now the quests. One of the most boring aspects of Runescape IMO . This account comes with all the basic quests a Hybrid needs already done. This includes quests for example, Desert Treasure, Piety Quests, Lunar Diplomacy and Recipe for Disaster up to Dragon Gloves. All these quests add up to 118 Quest Points. Here are some pictures/videos of PK's on this account. youtube/watch?v=u_0Iu...el_video_title there are so many, i have a 20+ pics in my album of hybrid kills, might upload more later. [email protected] -Please post a bid here before adding! - I will meet ingame and use a MM. S/B: 10m A/W: 50m PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ABOUT ME SHOWING MY USERNAME. JAGEX HAVE NO WAY IN TELLING I OWN THE ACCOUNT.LVL 3. w/ 99 fishing/cooking/firemaking/woodcutting!!!It also has 52 prayer, which i started but I'm tired of this so I figure I may as well sell now. 4 mining was an accident :/ I really wanted this clean and I hope this doesn't ruin it's value. I will ONLY sell to those who have vouches and will extensively search threads on you. I worked to hard on this to get screwed over. I've already been scammed of a steam account so I go first. No compromises, no trade. Oh btw it doesn't have anything of value in the bank. So yeah pm me and post offers. Will not trade, paypal only.Selling g2h accountHey guys im selling my gravite 2hander pure for rsgp or paypal cash This account is great for f2p 1v1 pking -has no recos set (never been) -no email set (never been) Stats
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