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    Rapier staking account!!It has rapier, not really got a bank.. (took it all off) 20 odd days membership left atm 1 prayer 1 summoning ofc![SELL] godly ZERK 60/91/45/93[RSGP] 25m!!!It's all in the pictures. Combat level of only 87!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Accepting offers[PP] Selling lvl 89 Range Tank | 97 Range | CHEAP!I'm selling this great Range Tank, shown below. I accept only PayPal, but will sell CHEAP. I won't go first, but don't expect you to either, so we use an MM? Add me on : [email protected] if interested. Offer away, ill sell cheap... I will give you the recoveries during the trade, and the email you can change easily. Here are some pics:70 cb 1 def pureits 95 str 60 attack 1 def i will go first with trusted member offers below plz [rsgp]Samis Acc Shop - [RSGP] - NO SWAPSGetting rid of most of my accounts, i plan on buying a zerker. WILL NOT GO FIRST WITH SKILLER OR RANGE TANK AS YOU CAN TRAIN THEIR STATS EASILY - YOU PAY FOR OMM OR YOU GO FIRST ACC #1 - starting bid is 10m \\\ rune gloves, dt, lunars, mm ACC #2 - starting bid 8m \\\ no gloves, dt, mm ACC #3 - starting bid 10m \\\ rune gloves, mm// great skiller Acc #4 - includes 3 months membership// 10m + bid // no qps Acc #5 - includes 3 month membership// 15m + bid // great skiller ACC #6 - 69 dung 26k tokens gravite 2h - 86 qps // 10m+ // pm me with offers aswell as post on here, add my email as found in my sig if you have any questions, please post ACC NUMBER OFFER OMM OR GOING FIRST EMAIL DO NOT BOTHER WITH USING A MM IMPOSTER - I DO NT HAVE TO ACCEPT YOUR OFFER TO TRADE WITH YOU IF I FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. WILL ADD MORE ACCS LATER, ONCE THESE ONES GO -START BIDDING!!Selling amazing starter rune pure only 10m!Amzing offer! selling starter rune pure (has got a hand cannon, rune gloves) for 10m, the reason why i am selling is because i preffer 1 def pures and need atleast 10m for my obby mauler pics below off acc only 10m !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHATS A PA? player auctionwhats a PlayerUp which ppl are using i dont get it help![RSGP] S> Old Pure [Firecape]Hey, I'm selling my old Pure who got messed up to fund my new pure. The account has been botted on, about 3 months ago I stopped botting on it. Some info: - I AGREE to have a Recovery test done by someone trusted. - I AGREE to going first IF I deem you trusted, or we shall use a MM but I won't pay fee's. -I will give you ALL information, including the e-mail, recoveries, bank pin, last Membership details... -Never got banned. The defence is COMPLETELY unquested, it might be a good start for a Tank, main, whatever... It is an e-mail login, but the e-mail linked with it isn't the login one. I will give BOTH if needed. EDIT: Combat level is 84. You can leave your offer here along with your /. You can also leave a reply with any questions. Thanks, øne.
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