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    Selling THE ULTIMATE F2P PKER. !!99Str!!hi im selling my Combat level 93 Pure. His important stats are as follows- Str-99 Att-79 Rng-84 Hp-76 Pry-43 Dung-44 THIS ACCOUNT COMES WITH 30 DAYS RS MEMBERSHIP! he regularly hits 30+ with 2h and 27 with b axe. he can almost get Grav 2h. (would take less than 1 hour) His bank is no cash just gear. 20 scims, 10 2h, arrows, ammys, robes, capes, pots. He also has like 5k swordies so forget ever needing to buy them. I am looking for offers in RSGP to go directly to my starter pure. I would also accept offers of pures. I am particuarly interested in acient pures and range pures. ANY OFFERS WELCOME! Text or call me please! Richard - 447928078947Selling Boxer / Armour VLS/ STAT PRODI'm selling my staker to help fund my new turmoil pure. This account is completely owner in the duel arena.. I have made over 400M in 30 minutes on this account.. Great for Boxing/ Armour staking with VLS and full statius. I will post some staking pictures below along with the proper gear to equip during full on armour staking.. It is maxed stats for its cb lvl at 87 Combat.. The account still has members for another 4 days.. Get it before it runs out to make some RSGP in game.! Maxed out stat bonus gear: Some winnings transfered to my muel Login Stats: Blackmarks: I am the original owner of this account and will provide upon purchase a Text file with all the creation details along with the Transaction Id's and previous passwords.! I am accepting RSGP and Paypal as a form of payment, I am NOT accepting swaps.. offers will be considered spam. I will go first to trusted members otherwise we can use a MM Offer away.. S/b 20M A/W ???****** Lawlin 69's Account Shop ******HELLO fellow Sythe Users. Name is Ben and im coming to you today with some great accounts!!! VERY CHEAP ALL RSGP NO SWAPS ALL LOGINS/EMAILS WILL BE REMOVED ONCE A SERIOUS BUYER IS LOCATED!!!! Starter Turmoil Pure- A/W 5m! Has full month Mems i1238.photobucket/albums/...rismaLogin.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...arismaBank.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...rismaStats.jpg Next we got a Soon to be zerker with 95 firemaking 82 str! 75 Dung! A/W 12M i1238.photobucket/albums/...ngersStats.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...ngersLogin.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...ingersBank.jpg a starter 10 hp 99 Summoning Pure Almost full month mems A/W 2M i1238.photobucket/albums/...UmmonStats.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...ummonLogin.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...SummonBank.jpg Next we have an excellent Starter Main with Mems~~~~ Non Email login A/W 10M i1238.photobucket/albums/...llu26stats.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...llu26Login.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...illu26Bank.jpg Next a 99 COOKING G Mauler with Mems! 65 Hunter! A/W 7M i1238.photobucket/albums/...ObamaLOgin.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...pObamaBank.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...ObamaStats.jpg Next a starter Pure! A/W 500k i1238.photobucket/albums/...rPureStats.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...rPureLogin.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...erPureBank.jpg Next Up is a starter Range Tank! A/W 1M i1238.photobucket/albums/...eTankStats.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...eTankLogin.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...geTankBank.jpg Next Up a F2p RC Pure + 53 Mage! Sets of RC Robes.A/W 2M i1238.photobucket/albums/...g3/WBStats.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...g3/WBLogin.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...ag3/WBBAnk.jpg Next A Starter Skiller/Pure A/W 1M i1238.photobucket/albums/...illerStats.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...illerLogin.jpg i1238.photobucket/albums/...killerBank.jpg I DO HAVE OTHER ACCOUNTS NOT LISTED JUST ASK I PROBOBLY HAVE IT!!!! WILL BE ADDING MORE MOMENTARILY ADD MY [email protected] ALSO YOU MAY PM ME I WILL GO FIRST IF I DEEM YOU TRUSTED!Just got scammed need mod.Traded Baked. 30mil for an account, as soon as he got the money he logged off of and wont respond to my pms on sythe even tho he is online. Need a moderator to log on to my and see the conversation to get this lowlife scammer banned.SELLING Lvl 92 Amazing BOX Staker- 88 ATT/68 STR/86 DEF/84 HP + 1 Pray/Summoning!Combat level 92 Willing to use . I am the original owner of the account. I have had great success box staking with this account. No Recovery's or Email Ever Set on Account! : [email protected] 92 99 str 80 dung init pureHas 99 str 83 attack 80 dung 20 def 85 mage 75 range Have pictures on another site if you would like link pm me. omm will be used, recovs and email removed.CHEAP - .::RARE Account Shop::. - CHEAPOLD HOLIDAY ITEMS 4 SALE: Hello Sythe, i got alot of accounts that i recovered with 1 password that i havent been on for ages. And many of them can buy Veteran Cape, wich is pretty awesome .. No Autowin, i set a price and it will be sold for that price.! I dont go first, only till trusted persons.. not very trusted but atleast 15+ Vouches.. OMM will be used at your fees, Free OMM is also okay with me. Contact: [email protected] : Pr01337Niko ALL ACCOUNTS THAT CAN GET VETERAN CAPES. Look at holiday items so you can see wich year they are created (if you think im a cheater/scammer). 10M-RSGP ( Veteran - Rubber - Yo-Yo) 5M-RSGP (Veteran - Rune gloves - Holiday hats from 2005) 15M ( Veteran cape - Good stats) 5M ( Veteran Cape - 1.3M in P2P items ) 5M (Veteran Cape - 33x45k in Climbing boots ) 5M ( Veteran Cape - Holiday hats from 2005 ) Random accounts. 10M (2M in member stuff 93 woodcutting ) 5M ( High WC / FM + 3 Letters name ) 10M ( 99 Cooking skiller / 70 Prayer if you wanna go main - 1k Total ) 7M ( Tanker) Pictures of login are pointless wich i could fake them. Email is registred on them all but will be changed till yours. Recovers are not set on any of theese accounts. We can do Recovery test with passwords and OMM at your Fees.Looking to buy a 99 strength accountLooking to buy a 99 strength account [RSGP] have a max of 60m to spend either PM me or email me at [email protected]
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