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    i want the best pure for 175$ todaytoday i am down to buy the best pure i can buy for 175$ paypal. i go first if i trust u. i want links to threads or pics and info on here what i want. dt doesnt have to be rich but its a plus either a hybrid or hella good stats on whatever its style is good non cmbs are plus's my is [email protected] message me or pm me here. i have a acc i can buy tomarrow cheaper so if its not tonight i doubt ill buy it.. please help me im using runescape as something to do because for the past 5 years i have been a heroin addict. after oding a week ago and being dead for 5 mins i cant go back but im scared i will so i really need a good acc and maybe some friends? please hurry and help[40+ Vouches] Selling 3 Skillers/Pures [RSGP]You will be going first, unless you are more trusted than me, no questions asked. Post your and offer if interested, thanks. My : [email protected] Will sell when I'm given a reasonable offer. i54.tinypic/2wlxye0.jpg i52.tinypic/14t3nea.png i53.tinypic/2d8fkfa.png[RSGP] Selling 60 Attack 1 Def Pure. 2 Month Membership Remaining!Quests are all finished for Addy gloves, just the RFD subquests aren't done. Add me on . [email protected] to make an offer.Selling level 65 with RAPIER great for staking.Selling this lvl 65 with rapier...and 3 mill. starting at 50$ paypal. i will not go first... : [email protected]: trading 1600 microsoft points for 10m or an account upgradeif intersted at [email protected] thanksLVL 67 60 attack pure with great stats and 50m wealth!Uploaded with : [email protected] I'm either looking for paypal or RSGP (if I take rsgp i'm going to take everything off of the account, and i'll be looking for like 25m rsgp for just the stats) Bid awayB>> pure with 1 pray 1def and 1 summit must have 60 att strength above 75 range can be 1 magic must be 85+ the prayer could be 13 according to the stats : [email protected] lvl 72.lvl 72 combat lvl 61 att lvl 67 str lvl 46 def lvl 54 ranged lvl 51 magic lvl 32 prayer lvl 64 hp, pm me an offer, has members till 6/2/11 looking for runescape gold, also pm me if you want skill lvls also 0 black marks.
Thread Status:
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