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    Selling Lvl 96 Skiller [RSGP][SWAP]Im selling my level 96 main/skiller for RSGP OR Another Low Level Skiller. These are the pictures of Stats/Recoverys, Recs are still on account but I will give them to OMM OR MM Whatever we use. OR I will just remove them when bids are coming :p AW?: 18mil or bid. I Also have previous passwords for the account! And other info. and PLEASE DO NOT! SPAM MY THREAD.♔♔♔Selling a Zerker Pure♔♔♔(RSGP)Hey Guys! today im selling my berserker pure of which i have owned for some years now leveling and questing you might wonder wtf is this guy some kind of love you selling this account? but no i have decided to move on and play on my main and with the funds from this account it will help me level him! here are some FAQ's: will we get a vmm? Yes and at my expense :) do you acept any other form of payment: No sorry ): What is your : [email protected] So just message me on there and we can talk about prices Thank you so much!Range boxer/boxerHi, i'm selling my range boxer also can use as a great boxer. I've made buncha mills off this account, but i'm selling all my accounts now. I'm going to have another auction on my level 85 pure as well. Buyer goes first or I want a middle man (OMM). I'm sick of getting scammed on webs. I'm the original owner since like 2007. Pictures: No BLACKMARKS i219.photobucket/albums/c...rerange066.png 95 combat f2p + 3 = 98 combat p2p i219.photobucket/albums/c...rerange065.png no email, no recovs, there is no bank pin either i219.photobucket/albums/c...rerange064.png Firecape and zammy book i219.photobucket/albums/c...rerange063.png Desert treasure done i219.photobucket/albums/c...rerange062.png Levels 93 range + 90 hunt i219.photobucket/albums/c...rerange061.png I want either RSGP or Paypal money. This is an AUCTION to the highest bidder, with a reserve.Buying 60 attack Turmoil Pures/Zerksim paying rsgp or swaping accounts for a turmoil zerk or pure with 60 attack also if you are a newcomer trying to sell me an account theres a 100% chance i will not look at itselling this beast accountplease give me a pc on this beast tank i might sell for the right price. post your offer and and ill contact you with more information on the accBuying pure/main 60m to offerSearching for an pure with 1def or an main, can offer up to 60m. Only trusted people wont buy by an newcomer. Posts the are unrelevant will be reported. =)[RSGP] Selling Zerker! Cheap :) [RSGP]Hey guys. Selling another starter zerker pure that i found in my collection of old accounts! I have all the info for it, the Email is mine and i will help change it to yours while you purchase. I will use an MM, or go 50/50 MY ONE AND ONLY : [email protected] Since its just a starter zerker, i'll take offers on it, and will probably sell for less, but i'll set the A/W at... A/W = 30m Current bid : none. Login Stats Quests Great start on quests @ 104 QP! you can DEFINITELY get barrows gloves @ 45 defence, if not 42. As i said it's not completed yet just really started Untradeables Yeah all 3 books and addy gloves atm. Well yeah, offer on it and if i see an offer i like ill accept it! willing to accept less than the 30m autowin. -alm0st[RSGP][GURU] Init/Zerk Starter / Epic Goldfarmer?Sold.
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