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    Desert Treasure Pure>>>>PRICE UPDATED TO 20M>>>GET IT WHILE IT LASTS!8, Monkey madness and more!) **I am the ORIGINAL OWNER and can provide any and all details necessary like creation date and transaction ids to previous passwords and zips. *** Email will be registered to buyers email upon purchase! Or removed, whichever buyer prefers TERMS: I will go first to members I find trustworthy other wise we use an OMM. I am accepting RSGP as my payment method. NO SWAPS! Starting bid: 30M Autowin: ???SELLING HYBRID-|| 89 str || 89 mage || 84 range || Unholy Book ||Unholy Book here selling this great pker. This account is great for a potential Turm zerk or Hybrid Pure. * I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER OF THIS ACCOUNT ** WHEN PURCHASED WILL RECEIVE A .TXT FILE WITH ALL THE ACCOUNT INFORMATION INCLUDING: CREATION DATE, TRANSACTION ID, PREV AND FIRST PASSWORD, LOCATION AND ZIP. * ACCOUNT COMES WITH UNHOLY BOOK (20m) * HAS ALL PURE QUESTS DONE (DESERT TREASURE, RFD, MM, HORROR FROM THE DEEP, ANIMAL MAGNETISM, ETC) TERMS: I WILL GO FIRST TO MEMBERS I FIND TRUSTWORTHY, OTHERWISE WE USE AN OMM. I AM HAPPY TO DO A RECOVERY TEST. I AM ACCEPTING RSGP AND PAYPAL STARTING BID: 20M AUTOWIN:??? ASK ME ABOUT MY STAKER :p86 Range || 85 Mage || Desert Treasure Pure ( 1 2)>>>>NEW LOWERED PRICE NOW ONLY 20MWC/PrayerHey.. today im hoping to sell 3 old accounts i have Firstly a range tank account with nice stats Next a 99 prayer pure with fremmy trials done. and Last a barrows/hybrid pure 81QP and Firecape. Mainly want RSGP for them. No swaps pls PM me or leave a message here.. If you become more interested them we will talk on /.[Selling PRO Staker][89 Def][85 Atk][70 Str][84 HP][99 Mage]Unholy Book here selling this PRO staker! Pretty much what you see is what you get! This account was built for the sole purpose of staking BIG! **Account has 1 Prayer and Summon **100K Exp to 90 Def **Account includes Full Statius along with a Statius Warhammer. (30M value) *When purchased buyer will receive the original email along with a .txt file including all account information from creation date and previous passwords to transaction ID and ZIP. * THE ACCOUNT HAS NO RECOVERIES SET, AGAIN BUYER WILL RECEIVE THE REGISTERED EMAIL UPON PURCHASE. TERMS: I WILL go first to members that I find TRUSTED, otherwise we will use a MM. I will accept RSGP or Paypal (claim and cancel) NO SWAPS I REPEAT NO SWAPS! Starting Bid: 50M Autowin:????? I have 2 vouches and would like to make it 3 :p
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