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    Yes... My 99 STR, Korasi Zerker Is For Trade... 98+7Decided I'd sell my perfect Korasi Zerker. Now, there ARE a few more quests that need to be done, but mainly just the turm questline, and handcannon if you want it. I did the def quests for both though. Has Fire Cape, Torso, Defender, Full Lunar gear to show I did lunar. Selling for 200m. If not at that or near that in 5 hours, ill keep him. Stats: Quests: Achievements: Lunar: Login: Ban/Warn: Yes, I know about the login screen, as soon as I find someone willing to buy it I'll get everything taken off it. And it's an origional name, so no email. MM WILL be used, or you go 100% first. A/w is 200m.Staker with 2 chaotics for saleSelling this amazing pure for rsgp(preferred) or paypal has a chaotic rapier and chaotic longsword rapier good for whipping, and longsword hits right through def ACCOUNT IS A MEMBER TILL THE END OF MAY! here are some pics: Starting bid is: 65m A/W is: 100m PRICE CHANGED TO BEST OFFER I GET! JUST WANT IT SOLD! combat: items: stats: cheers ^^[RSGP] Nitronoobic's Account Sale [RSGP]Hello, I am selling 5 accounts that I do not use anymore. I am only accepting RSGP since it seems every time I do a swap I get scammed. I am the original owner to all these accounts. None of these accounts have been ban. None of these accounts have ever been botted. I will provide all past info that I remember when the account is bought. The price is what I'm asking for, but I will take offers into mind. My : [email protected] Account 1 This account has 99 fishing and could easily get 99 cooking in a week or 2 from where it is at. Asking for: 15m Account 2 This account has a somewhat rare name of "Hiro" other than that is is just a start to some kind of tank or main. It has the new Legendary Cape. Asking for: 10m Account 3 This also has a high fishing level and has 99 cooking on it. The range level is also somewhat high. Asking for: 10m Account 4 This is just a main with some decent stats and it comes with all of the items in the picture. Asking for: 8m Account 5 This is another main account that has a ton of items on it. I didn't feel like making it a member so you get all of the items on it which adds up to over 2m. Asking for: 7m Thanks for looking! Good Trades: 1 Bad Trades: 1 My Vouches Thread: sythe/showthread.php?t=1085402Selling Beast 89cmb 20def pure, 3 99sSo im selling this acc cuz im goin over to mains n stuff and i didnt wanna ruin this one. I accept 50/50 I go first ONLY mods and highly trusted. Only accept RSGP. So if u want this beast pk acc for new wild then add me. Taking off email if someone is really buying. [email protected] A/W 60M !!!!>>Selling level 69 Pure | 94 mage | 94 herblore | OverloadsRange Tank/ 99 Hunter [RSGP Only]Title says all. : [email protected] Has membership for 25 days A/W: 10mselling lvl 94 with 93 dung stakerlvls are 84 attck 87 str 70 def 80 hp 12 pray 1 sum 93 dung 87 wc 74 range 67 mage 1.2k total, some quests done and several chaotics, offer price!Buying 94-99 Mage Account! [rsgp]Hey guys, so I KNOW someone has to have 94-99 on a magic account here, so please post your accounts and I'll offer. I really have been wanting one so..
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