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    Giving away Maxed pure 60/99/1 - freeClosed:selling 65 veteran 2001scythe, veteran cape, classic cape.Iniate pureClosed Making New Thread[RSGP]Buying an Account [RSGP]I'm buying an account with atleast 94 mage. anyother stats don't matter. Just needs 94 mage. and DT Done. Can be a ruined pure etc. doesn't mattter Post offers Below! thanks(RSGP) Selling 5 pures of various levels! 4m ea!! (rsgp)(rsgp) 5 Pures Sale!! So Cheap! (rsgp) I'm selling 5 pretty good accounts. All of these accounts have no email registered, no bank pins, no recoveries ect.. I ONLY take RSGP and plan on selling most if not all of them today!! I'm pretty much taking any reasonable offers because i just want to get rid of them. I have no idea how to put screenshots on here but if you email me or are interested in any of these accounts i will send pics of the stats and page that says no recoveries. A/W-6m The second account is a range tank his stats are: (has bank pin will tell after purchase) Combat level: 61 Hitpoints level:64 Range level: 72 Attack level: 41 Strength level: 60 Defence level: 40 Magic level: 50 Cooking level: 59 Mining level: 46 A/W-6m The third account I'm selling is a dds pure lost city and MM done! Combat level: 59 Hitpoints level: 63 Attack level: 62 Strength level: 71 Defence level: 2 Runecraft level: 56 Woodcutting level: 70 Crafting level: 55 A/w-6m The fourth account I'm selling is a Fisherman! Combat level: 51 Hitpoints level: 46 Attack level: 41 Strength level: 40 Defence level: 40 Fishing level: 89 A/w-6m The fifth account I'm selling is a rune pure! Combat level: 74 Hitpoints level: 65 Attack level: 57 Strength level: 74 Defence level: 40 Prayer level: 45 Runecrafting level: 67 Fishing level: 72 Magic level:53 Woodcutting level: 66 Mining level: 58 A/W-6m The sixth and final account is a dds pure as well. (lost city done!) Combat level: 65 Hitpoints level: 63 Attack level: 60 Strength level: 77 Defence level: 6 Range level: 72 Magic level: 52 Prayer level: 32 Hunting level: 73 Thieving level: 53 If you offer near or above the a/w ill sell u the account. I really want to get rid of these accounts to get vouches and a good rep so these prices are very negotiateable. Don't know if that's a word but whatever! Post you offers below and leave your email or !! If you have any questions email me at [email protected] Edit/Delete MessagePure ~ 69 combat, Barrage, Quested! 1x99.This is my pure. Has an a/w of 160m without claws. Quests, bank, stats etc below. No swaps. OMM at your expense! Bank/wealth: Login screen: Stats: Blackmarks: Quests:Selling beast pureSelling this account post offers...p>
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