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    [RSGP]Buying 60 attack pure or hand cannon pure - good offer![BUY]i would rather have a hand cannon pure below 70 combat and 60 attack pure over 60 combat! we will use an OMM / MMsellin 75 cb pure [99 mage,90range,80str,60atk, QUESTED]Hey guys, looking to sell this account for a descent price has almost no bank , 2m ish Looking for descent offers only, not taking swaps, accepting rsgp and paypal. Contact me at [email protected] Offers For Epic Level 70 Pure [PP ONLY]Has all pure quests done but addy gloves haha :p i just want to see what offers ill get as i am only taking PAYPAL. ill post recov pic if i get a legit offer. Fire Cape* More cash in bank just grabbed some!Buying Quested Turm Zerker or Mid Lvl Turm Pure!!!Plain and Simple... Lookin to buy a Fully Quested Turm Zerker or 30 or 33 Def Turm Pure. Post Pictures of stats/login/bans/quests ect. Ill be paying in either rsgp or paypal. : Tschocka isnt working for me so download if u need to talk.Selling Pure [65 CB] [60 attack] [86 strength]+MORE!hello, Today i have a 60 attack pure for sale, has a few GOOD stats as shown in the picture. i don't play on the account anymore so its pointless to have. i am aware i DO NOT have rep on this site so id be willing to use MM or go first to a TRUSTED member. i am OO and have ALL info LEAVE OFFERS HERE PLEASE or add my on **CB level 65** USERNAME LOGINS> Rune Turmoil Pure [PAYPAL ONLY] ( 1 2)Selling my rune turmoil pure because i dont have time to play anymore. Quests and stats will be placed below Stats: Quests: If you're intrested let me know inbox or post your / . i will ONLY go first with well trusted people otherwise use a at your cost. C/O $50USDSelling pure 99 attack 99 dung!RSGP ONLY! pm your if interested![RSGP] Selling ALMOST maxed zerker pure; on way to turm zerk; has rapier! p>
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.