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    ~~~$$$ [rsgp]level 94 Amazing Zerker Chaotic Rapier/Dt/mm/lunars Done [rsgp]$$$~~~I am currently selling this amazing zerker for RSGP. I am leaving you with some pvp gear and dragon claws. RFD quested up to addy, Desert treasure done, 97 strength , 80 attack, 45 (nearly fully quested) defense and monkey madness done, lunars done, and NOW HAVE 83 dungeoneering with chaotic rapier! You can go on a d claw rush to your hearts content, or have some venging fun! Or go knock some heads with that rapier I don't like pure's anymore. So yeah, i'm selling this nice zerker, All I want to do is camp the Corporal beast on my main ^ Old stat pic. Now 83 Dung, 80 attack, 97 strength, 84 HP I will not go first but will meet in game. No recovs or email set I am the only owner Bidding starts at 85M (Bank is 30Mish, and i paid 30 for it, + rapier and other stats are worth a lot i want to at least get my money back and compensation for my time and don't feel like taking all that stuff off incase it doesn't sell or w/e)[rsgp] Cheap Lvl 69 Pure! Dt/addy Gloves Done [cheap]Selling this great starter pure, has addy gloves done, desert treasure done, lost city done, and ability to wear mind body! AUTO WIN: 10MIL RSGP IF INTERESTED POST I QUIT THIS ACCOUNT AS YOU CAN SEE BY LOGIN BECAUSE I HAVE A MAXED PURE, I WILL PROVIDE ALL INFO AS ITS MINES!selling runescape account 20mI will Go first if trusted.(actually 10m for the acc. ) - [email protected] ---ACCOUNT--- ---No recoveries---Lvl 76 zerker / claw / rusherHi I made this g maul rusher a while back, and got bored so made it 45 def for zerker but i got bored of that too.... so I havent done love you on this account. I'm selling this for about 3-10m I just kinda want to get rid of it. I'm NOT going first (Unless your HIGHLY trusted). I'll OMM but your fees private message me or post here. Full complete zammy book / Mith gloves / Ava accum / Monkey madness etc. It's a tad small to see so here you go: i1132.photobucket/albums/...1/Account1.jpg i1132.photobucket/albums/...1/account2.jpg i1132.photobucket/albums/...1/Account3.jpg i1132.photobucket/albums/...1/Account4.jpgD claw Pure ***Very Nice*** [RSGP] ( 1 2)Selling a very nice pure, i have a main and a other account so i want to sell this one for rsgp... Account has 2m+ to avoid scammers i like to 50/50 trade= trade half the rsgp now, then ill give the usernames and password, then u give the other half of the rsgp... i want to sell today so please start offering now [email protected] A/w 40m!!!!!!!!SELLING NEARLY MAXED PURE - 91 COMBAT - FULLY QUESTED - 1 defI'm selling this pure ive been working on for almost 3 years now, the account has 0 blackmarks RECOVERY TEST WILL BE PROVIDED BY OMM YOU PAY FEES OR YOU GO FIRST, ALL INFO WILL BE GIVEN PM me and we will find a way to communicateIcwutudidthar's account shop. Stakers and pures. [RSGP]Selling 4 accounts! 3 have pictures in this link. 94 boxer is gone. Scammed by burnt. Please offer on these accounts = [email protected] Please leave your here if you add me. -List of attempted scam 's. [email protected] to scam me by saying he was jaws101 from this thread sythe/showthread.php?t=1047950 [email protected] MM for the trade is fine but you pay fees. Or you go first, or a 50/50 will be worked out. For what it's worth... I WILL NOT SCAM YOU, NOR DO I HAVE INTENTIONS OF SCAMMING ANYONE. I do not have a vouches thread, but I have made 3 good trades here. Please state the level of the character you are bidding on and place your bid in a reply. Thank youSelling level 66 (84 wcing, decent starter main)Thats the bank and stats (obv?). NO SWAPS. I want RSGP or a 1 month pin ONLY. Id ask about 5-6 dollars paypal, so 1m at $0.8 is about 7m which is all im asking. this needs to be sold fast and if you wanna use OMM/MM, youll have to pay fees and if we use them, then I'll gladly go first. Well anywho yeah not that expensive, nice starter main. 84 wcing can easily be gotten to 99 but im just way to busy to worry about it. Well yeah, PM me soon. EDIT: Oh, also, it has recovs, I WILL provide answers, and this account has NEVER had an email set.
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