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    Selling Granite Maul PKing Prodigysold, making more accounts now.[very trusted] 92 range void ranger [RSGP-AW=20m]hey guys, i decided to sell my void ranger, after loosing full void and darkbow, and a lot of other stuff in wildy! The AW is 20m, so offer away! no bankpin, or black marks, no e mail recoveries will be unset as soon as i find a buyer! Best wishes yours , Z_E_Z_I_M_A post first here! x Add my : [email protected] Here are my vouches(some were sent via pm so the proof of the vouch is on the link above the vouch): Quote: Originally Posted by Vouch for Z_E_Z_I_M_A sold me 152 mil i went 1st and trade went smoothly Quote: Originally Posted by Sweeperen Vouch for z_e_z_i_m_a the trade went nice fast and easy no problems Quote: Originally Posted by iStayGoneOffPurp Thanks mate knew this was going to go smoothly with you Vouch, Gave nearly 160m Gp upfront - No problems @ all, he kept his words - recovs are all recieved and its now members ~ Vouch NO DOUBT Quote: Originally Posted by rams11 BIG vouch for Z E Z I M A, Excellent Friendly service, sold me staker deal was done within minutes ! would buy from again highly recommended Quote: Originally Posted by Dylan McGowan Zezima provides the best of service, everything he listed on the account was there, definitely recommended, will be buying again! Quote: Originally Posted by dup114 MASSIVE VOUCH FOR Z_E_Z_I_M_A, excellent trader. Very trustworthy! I went first. A+++++ Quote: Originally Posted by Account MAN Vouch for Z_E_Z_I_M_A great MM! Very proffesional! Keeping him added!!! Quote: Originally Posted by Jimbokid Vouch for Z_E_Z_I_M_A mmed the trade went smoothly now we both have the new acc's thanks guys ! Quote: Originally Posted by RunescapeLevel115 VOUCH for Z_E_Z_I_M_A as a . He handled a Gaia to Neopets trade for us. Smooth transaction! Quote: Originally Posted by xpinkmelon I can vouch, a great - thank you! Quote: Originally Posted by Skaffz Vouch for ZEZIMA, He sold me his account, very fast! Good trader Hope to buy more in the future Quote: Originally Posted by Emperia Vouch for Z_E_Z_I_M_A, bought the account simple trade and extremely fast. Quote: Originally Posted by pk 0wn3r Vouch to Z_E_Z_I_M_A Sold me A sick account! Quote: Originally Posted by !-!---!-Ray. Amazing Seller I Went First 100% Successful Highly Recommended. Vouch Quote: Originally Posted by Kryption Vouch for Z_E_Z_I_M_A, very smooth trade. Traded 1 skiller and a pin , for a very nice pure. Thank you Quote: Originally Posted by FidelC I bought account #1 from Z_E_Z_I_M_A I'd like to vouch for him, I went first, he promptly gave me the login info to check if all items and stats are good, when I acknowledged, he promptly gave me all the recovery info needed, including around 10 old passwords (!) and other things dating years back. There was a small problem, seeing as his brother registered an email to the account, but that was fixed in only 15 minutes, when we transferred it over to my own e-mail. Pleasure dealing with ZEZIMA, very friendly person, punctual as well. Quote: Originally Posted by bloodclan1 major vouche for this guy traded me this account for 2 pins, it was quick and smooth. i wnt first and he didnt take advantage of me. this guy is sooooooo trusted. thnx Quote: Originally Posted by Strenghhappy Vouch For Z_E_Z_I_M_A, Honest guy- Legit- Pin for account! If only everyone was that legit! Quote: Originally Posted by Blackbrook Vouch for Z_E_Z_I_M_A - Bought his account for £80 GBP. Only had the account a few hours and everythings great. Great guy and did everything very professionally. Quote: Originally Posted by jdog8790 huge vouch for z e z i m a sold me account 2 for 80 usd used omm trade went smoothe thx alot Quote: Originally Posted by Inventor419 Mmed a trade for him. Vouch Quote: Originally Posted by ranger 99 vouch for Z_E_Z_I_M_A bought acc using ethan as a mm. All went smooth on his part Quote: Originally Posted by Transworld Sold To Me! I Went First We Did Half Half I Gave Him $45 Usd Paypal C&c. He Gave Me All Info And Password, Then I Gave $35 Usd Paypal C&c. It Is A Done Deal Vouch For Z-E-Z-I-M-A. Thank You Very Much! Quote: Originally Posted by Daveee Big vouch for Z_E_Z_I_M_A, bourght his account for 52.42$ :p , I went first. This guy doeswhat he says, @@@ thanks bro! Quote: Originally Posted by N I S i bought account everything went good i went first. vouch Quote: Originally Posted by Liam. Massive vouch for Z_E_Z_I_M_A. Quick fast trade, great guy! Quote: Originally Posted by Phat 4 Lyphe Vouch for Z_E_Z_I_M_A traded him an account for a service we did 50/50 Quote: Originally Posted by 200k Per Minute Guide Vouch for Z_E_Z_I_M_A. Gave me a 99 str acc for guide Quote: Originally Posted by RoyalFromHxF Alright I bought the guide, looks greaat, lets just hope it doesn't get patched, vouch. Quote: Originally Posted by AlphaTier Big VOUCH for Z_E_Z_I_M_A ! Sold him my d claws for 35 mills middle crater. I went first and he payed me very fast. Legit person. would always deal with him again Quote: Originally Posted by Liam. I bought, went first, smooth trade. Trusted and great guy! Quote: Originally Posted by Magnus. Vouch!!! This Works. Bought It For 5$ Quote: Originally Posted by pricey VOUCH for Z_E_Z_I_M_A sold me 2 pures and 1 main for 260 pounds, really great guy to deal with^^ Quote: Originally Posted by Antman Vouch for Z_E_Z_I_M_A, perfect trade he went first both account's had no recoveries. Quote: Originally Posted by E A 5 Y HUUUUGE RED VOUCH! WITH SOME NEON GREEN! Only person on this site i can trust VERY TRUSTED! Quote: Originally Posted by Mike_The_FireCaper Vouch for Z_E_Z_I_M_A, did a jad for him, everything was smooth and he even offered to throw in a tip . Great guy, would deal with him anytime Quote: Originally Posted by E A 5 Y VOUCH!Great guy sold me a great account for a great price Quote: Originally Posted by bigox1993 big vouch for him he went first everything went smooth this thred is closed =] Quote: Originally Posted by Redrum297 Definate vouch, trade went smoothly, I went first. Thanks very much!! Quote: Originally Posted by Fallen Soul Vouch, fast trade and very smooth. Vouched via pm proof: Quote: Originally Posted by Thammawat Bought, he's a awesome guy. Cool in every way VOUCH ! Quote: Originally Posted by el-loco-uno Vouch, mm'ed for him and it was an easy trade. vouched via pm proof: Quote: Originally Posted by Pt Ranqe quick n smooth , VOUCH great guy Quote: Originally Posted by blue_bear Mega Vouch for this awesome guy, bought his 90 str pure, i want first, all went smooth! vouched via pm proof: Quote: Originally Posted by l4t3st ko BIG VOUCH For Z_E_Z_I_M_A hes funniest guy ever, we tryed to trade 4m in bh for his obby mauler, we tryed party room like for times, i finally used up all my 4m & gived him a level 93 for his obby mauler, all went well, Hes great guy, TRUST HIM, he 0wnz sooo mcuh[Paypal][RSGP]Selling Great Starter Zerker With Turmoil ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)I have this great turmoil zerker starter account for sale today and it has a great 2 word name...Bid Away UPDATES NOW HAS THESE STATS 87 Magic 70 Crafting 70 Smithing 86 Herblore 83 HP 84 Strength 73 Firemaking 40+ slayer Feature's I accept rsgp at $0.80/m Starting Bid - $40 or 50m RSGP Leading Bid - 85m CURRENTLY ONLY ACCEPTING RSGP!!!!! No Autowin Set Bid Away YOU WILL GO FIRST NO MATTER WHAT, IF YOU WANT A OMM YOU PAY ALL THE FEE'S, I will remove the email and the recoveries when a buyer is found. Has Turmoil, and all the quests needed done Has A Fire Cape Has All Defender's Has Barrow's Gloves Has Full Void Range Has A Full Slayer Helmet Has A TorsoCombat 65 - Gmaul Rusher - Quested - Not RuinedGood news everyone! I'm selling a Gmaul rusher. Stats Unlike many other accounts I see, this one isn't ruined! It is fully quested and yet it manages to keep the stats you want to see on a Gmaul rusher, and a nice 99 thieving too! Only 65 Combat Quests You can believe it's fully quested! Everything a Gmaul pure would need is done except Desert Treasure is not fully complete (you will need to get the four gems and run through the pyramid). Items I'm leaving a nice bank with the account and 1 Mil GP as well. If you wanted to, you could go PKing right after you buy it. Misc. Membership ends April 6th, no email registered (It was made before you could register with an email). Not ever given an infraction or warning I include the Username, Password, and the first three passwords the account had when purchased. I am strongly looking to purchase in Paypal, but will resort to RSGP if need be. Instant win is $35, but not taking anything under $15. If purchased by April 7th, instant win is $25! (30m RSGP) All bets in RSGP must be +10m of the dollar price except for the special # (A $20 bet would equate to 30m RSGP) Contacting me If you wish to contact me though (Preferred), shoot me a PM here on Sythe with your ID. If you wish to add me on , use the ID "[email protected]". Good luck!Selling dds staker/pure- Selling DDS staker/pker - Looking for RSGP only! - Stats - (66 Combat) 60 Attack 84 Strength (will be 85 in less than an hour from this post) 1 Defence 75 Range 1 Prayer 60 Mage 77 Hitpoints - Wealth - Around 3m Pictures of Login - Uploaded with Pictures of Stats - Uploaded with Add me on , post here, or inbox me. is in my signature!Giving away my pure with 34 def :/ got hacked so im quittingIm quitting runescape so if you want a free zerker potential add my [email protected] :/ thanksSpending 50$ on G-maul/BlitzPost Offers then add my --- [email protected] 93 barrows pure/ starter main. BUNNY EARS! [RSGP]Hello sythe, I'm here to sell my lvl 93. To put it simply I want RSGP for this account. I might take a swap if its good. The account does currently have recoveries and an Email set. These will be removed upon finding a serious buyer. Note: I will only go first to very trusted people. Other than that you first, or you pay for an OMM. The account is pretty rare due to having the bunny ears, and i also have a pretty nice display name for an barrows pure. Stats/wealth: Uploaded with There is no current A/W set so just offer away.
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