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    maxed zerker 96+7 76att99str98mg 94rng45def( 177qp barrow gloves)first there is rules of our trade: 1. we will use OMM, we pay fee's 50% (so we will be scam free) 2. no swaps 3. rsgp, paypal only ( i prefer rsgp) here is account:i can verify in game pm me your also before talking on we will verify by pming on sythe[RSGP][SWAPS][PP] SELLING 2 ACCOUNTS Zerker/Range Tank [RSGP][SWAPS][PP] ( 1 2)Selling two Runescape Accounts. My : [email protected] #1 SOLD #2 Rsgp 50m Level 94 Range Tank. Fully quested with Summer's End + Rfd 24 summong from Summer's rewards. ----Attack/Strength do not effect the range/defence level---- ----Only at 75 75---- Will go first to trusted sythers. Post offers or your . (wealth not included) Pics: Pm or Post /offers/add my My : [email protected][RSGP] Perfect Claw Rusher! Quested ~ 99 Str ~ CHEAP [RSGP]Ipkids here with this sweet rusher Selling my D-claw pure, he's pro... Blitz/Claw... Getting rid of him because I don't like claw rushing, and i'm starting my new pure. Info: great total 1.1k+, a lot of good stats, range is kind of low, but its not hard. I'll leave claws on the account so you have some money, 17m isn't much too me. RSGP ONLY, Will leave claws on account for you. add my : [email protected] Looking for 50m !Selling chaotic pure 94 dung *Not quested ( 1 2)I am the original owner. Has climbing boots 75k tokens Chaotic Maul, Rapier, and Crossbow Arcane stream + Ring of vigour Firecape Desert Treasure is halfway finished. Just need to kill one or two more bosses. Do not have an . PLEASE pm me on here and i'll reply as quickly as possible Will take rsgp or cash Paypal only accepted. You will be going first or you can pay for a middle man. (These terms can be negotiated) Highest bid: A/w: $15070 str/70 str/ 65 range- hybrid ~10 to 15m~Im here selling my 70 Mage, 70 Strength and 65 range hybrid. The combat level is 77 and i only want about 10 to 15m....The A/w is 15m. Please contact me at [email protected] EDIT: I took off my email.selling FULLY QUESTED Turmoil Pure|93 dung|99s|rapier|D Gloves|Spirit Shield| RSGP |Turmoil pure [Noticeable Stats and achievements - 97 strength. - 95 prayer - 92dung - D gloves. - 94 magic. - Spirit shield. - Rapier. - FULLY QUESTED Rules + Pricing - I only accept Rsgp - Starting bid: 50m - Asking price: Unsure atm. - Im open to use a middle man. - Please post offer + . PicturesBuying an account with 75+ attack!Must have a gs or enough gp for a godsword and 75 attack, only 2 requirments... is [email protected] if you have an account you want to sell, tell me what you want to get for it!Level 97+1 Staker.Selling this account. It's a staker pure that can be turned main. Need to sell within a week. Need rsgp for it. It has no black marks and has not been banned.
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