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    starter f2p pure [EXTREMELY RARE NAME] made in '02 [SWAP or PIN]Selling Zeal Pure (7722 Zeals) ( 1 2)[RSGP] 'Summoning tanker cb 33+7 ( still member ) [CLICK] ( 1 2)SOLD to Drizzly for 35M RSGP.Selling lvl 59 G maul rusher ( 95 STR )! ( 1 2 3)Hey guys selling lvl 59 G maul rusher stats are: COMBAT 59!!! 50 Attack 95 Strength 1 Defence 46 HP 55 Slayer (Leaf sword) 50 Mage My max so far is 335. ://yfrog/h0geepp ://yfrog/nwlojp Everything else is 1, The account also has a fake email and is primarily made just to be sold. Bid : 30m From SHP A/W : 50mstarter f2p pure [EXTREMELY RARE NAME] made in '02 [SWAP or PIN]The name was made in 2002 and i am the original owner, black marks, mutes are clean and first passwords and all info come with sale eligible for veterans cape etc. Looking for swaps or membership pins, post offers here or PM me offers. thanks. IF YOU WANT TO SEE PICS, I WILL PUT THEM UP.Selling Zeal Pure (7722 Zeals) ( 1 2)Hey All, Im selling my zeal pure it has 7722 zeals its level 3. it also has 72 farming and 82 theiving bank is worth about 100m but i'll probly xfer that off before purchase im looking for rsgp no auto win set i just want offers if your interested im purchasing this account leave me a message or private message or you can add my its [email protected] Here is a few pictures of this account. :// :// :// The account has never had any recovarys or email set before it doant have members anymore also that ran out awhile ago if you have any other questions just ask. Cheers All.Selling Good Level 59 F2P Pure w/ 2 Gravites [Cheap, Never Used]So I Don't use this account anymore, and seeing as there are no more bots, dungeoneering accounts are becoming quite fancied. I've decided to sell this basically to fund my account as i'm pretty poor right now :p I haven't used it in about a month, and before that at least two months as i only PKed for like 30 minutes that 1 time 25 days ago. This hits 220's+ With GLS and incredibly high with Gravite shortbow (Which is AMAZING compared to maple, same speed and so much more accurate) This combination is DEADLY. Just don't skull and bring 45k GP as risk :p Pictures: S/b: 5M A/w: ?? : [email protected] I'm 100% fine with using any trusted MM, preferably free so neither has to pay, or you going first if you trust me. I have a few vouches, one of which being for 51.5M where he went first.Beginner staker, 40 att/def/str/hp [5m rsgp]A/W: 5m [email protected] Made this account 1 month ago, did not bot on this. Trained legit.. it killed me and I think 5m is worth it. Will use a free middle man for this trade.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.