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    Selin my 20 def pure 99 magic,96wc highest statsNice little pure DT,Mm,Mith gloves Quested 20 def so you can get rune gloves done its got 85 Quest Points I will take off recoveries if any of you are interested I dont intend to scam as its pointless I will be taking RSGP for my account i think the fairest way is to give half then half after account. Thanks it has like no bank as has been transpered as it is being sold for Rsgp has magic cape e.t.c Offers Welcome Autowin Would be around the 60-80m If you sort the bank out you could probably get 1mil or so out of it If you are Interested Then please feel free to add me on @ [email protected] Thanks DanSelling Level 95+12 Maxed Turmoil Pure! 99 Range | Mage | Strength | HpQuote: Originally Posted by Ninja Turtled Like Sparc Verified this account good luck on the sale. Hey, First off, I am new to this site, but not new to the Runescape Market. It is IMPOSSIBLE to scam me. I may not be trusted here, but I am extremely trusted on Mayhem Makers. I have done over 270 Firecapes & over 140 questing jobs there. Had this account for about 13 months now, basically just a soulwars product. All the money is from pking and target kills and a visage drop from black dragons. I am looking for 300.00 for this account. I will ONLY Accept MAIL/FedEx No E-Mail No Recoveries No BlackMarks Buyer will receive full information Good Luck,# ## Starters Zerker ## #The tittels says it all. No Recs&Email; BlackMarks; Starters cash; The skills; 2k till strength up. Important quests; - Dragon slayer - Monkey Madness - Lost City - Death plateau Going first for trusted persons. We can do a recovery test (only trusted persons.). Trade Method; Only Paypal or RSGP. Intressed; post your ..[BUYING]Tank W/ 1 Sum/Pray[RSGP][Spending up to 250M]Requirements: Def: 80+ att: 80+ str: 75 or lower Hp: Doesnt matter Prayer/Summon MUST BE 1 range/mage dosent matter MUST not have email, recoveries (will accept low black marks) I will not go first unless you are trusted but will pay OMM fees, I'm not offering 250m for the kind of acc with the stats i stated but if you have a sick account i can afford up to 250m. Contact me: [email protected][SELLING]Maxed Turm Zerk AW: [MAIL]$150 + you pay omm feesyep quitting this game. selling this account for $150. maxed turm zerk only price ill take is $150 or higher and you pay omm fees. OR NEW OPTION: 248M IS THE A/w. would prefer to use an admin/staff as omm but can negotiate. will delete recovs and password when i get a serious offer account is literally perfect will not reveal my . only post here your offers. IM NOT TAKING SWAPS OR PAYPAL. only cash in an envelope through the mail[CHEAP ACCOUNTS SALE] (RSGP or PAYPAL)OK so here I'm selling some of mine old accounts. I'm selling for RSGP or paypal credit. If you interested in one or mabie more of them cantact me using : [email protected] here are mine accounts with stats: "zdoxni suka" 65cmb 4m or 3$ "petterson 13" 97cmb 10m or 9$ "Dont follovv" 79cmb 5m or 5$ "isoo" 81 cmb zerker pure 12m or 11$ "grimr3p0" 108cmb 15m or 14$Must See Lvl 68 Strength Pure!!!!!!!!!!Lvl 68 Strength Pure May do acc trade but would prefer rsgp Lvls are as follows: 60 attack 81 strength 71 HP 5 Defense 60 Ranged 31 prayer 32 magic 60 woodcutting Has around a 250k worth Was members but no longer is, still has some member items no recovery questions or email set up Willing to chat in game tell me your acc names Offers email me at -- [email protected] 30M is instant win maybe acc swap depends ThanksLevel 99, 98 magic, 88 strength. 75mil in the bank. MUST SEE!And Thanatos920 is back again to rock Sythe's world with an account sale . - 98 magic, 88 strength, 70 prayer. All prayers unlocked, not to mention lunars and ancients. Great pvp player. 75 mil in the bank, has rune defender + firecape and holy wrench. - Lets not forget the non combat stats. 74 construction, 69 slayer, 63 agility, and 60 herblore. -166 quest points, still a lot to do but most of the main ones have been done. Monkey madness, lunar diplomacy, Desert Treasure etc. Without further ado here are the pictures . WHAT I GIVE YOU! -All membership pins since the accounts creation. -All the old passwords including the original. -The email address which was used to register the account (including the email address itself.) -The recoveries (original ones used to create the account.) Essentially absolutely everything. I am the original owner of the account, reason for selling is simply because I really don't play anymore. Aside from working on Bots im not particularly interested in runescape, so away my pure goes. Tired of having it just sit there doing nothing essentially. Rules of trade: - I have been on sythe for 5 years, without so much as a temporary ban, i have a ton of vouches from many members who purchased mils from my mil shop prior to bounty hunter being closed down, not to mention I am vouched for by one of the most trusted members on sythe (UGHSTER). I was a mod on tainted-ones and essentially have never attempted to scam anyone. That being said unless you are miraculously more trusted than I am, you are paying the MM fees. If for some reason you are more trusted then I am, the price will be taken out of your bid. - I ONLY accept pay pal or pay by mail. IF you choose to pay via paypal I WILL be sending you a registered letter with the information for the account NOT disclosing the information online. This insures I have a tracking number and evidence of a trade so you cannot reverse on paypal. The account must be verified, you will have to send me a 1$ amount 4 days before the trade, we will have to speak on the phone. And the address linked to the paypal you pay me with and the one I send the registered letter to must be the same. - For canadian citizens, interac emoney transfer is more than acceptable. At which point account information will be disclosed imeadiately. -Also mail/western union is also acceptable, if you pay by check you must wait 10 days for it to clear before I will disclose the account information. As far as the trade itself goes, A sythe admin/mod will have to be present in the chat window for the duraction of the trade if it takes place online. If it takes place outside of the web, recordings will be made. If you attempt to scam saying that I never sent the account details should I have decided to mail them I will publish the video of me printing them and mailing them. That means that should you force my hand the entire internet will have the account details as I will already have been paid and I won't really worry about it. So please honest people only. Happy bidding. Starting bid is 100USD Thanatos920. "Death personified, a personification of death. Portrayed as a silhouette of a man wielding a Sythe. Bound by those, bound by death." VOUCHES OK for some reason my mil shop topic seems to have disspeared. For now I will go through the archive until I can find it. I do still have an inbox full of pm's from people buying mils. But for now. Here is my vouch from ughster on my last account sale. Cheers. sythe/showthread.php?t=517912
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