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    11 prayer 99 Magic Mage Boxer Pure!! [FINISHED DESERT TEASURE]!!I made $$$$$ staking on this account, especially since other plays 2x , 3x you and you just take a love you on their face. seeing as I am not trusted I will go first to members with 50+ Vouches or 2K + post count, we will use a VMM of your choice Account #3 [Account CB level = 66] Autowin: 30M "The Mage Boxer" Leave your + your offers[RSGP] Whip Pure, QuestedConsidering I am a veteran powerbot member, and not even 10 post count on this site I do not seem trusted at all, However I will go first to members with 50+ Vouches! Account #2 [Account CB level = 81] Autowin: 30M "The WHIP Pure" Leave your Email address + your offer and I will add[RSGP] Starter Boxing Staker! [76 Attack, 56 Strength, 77 Defence] @@1 Pray/ 1 [email protected]@Hey guys leave your + offer at the bottom I will look at all offers, I accept paypal or rsgp and i am willing to get rid of this account a-sap, We will use a VMM of your choice, or if you have 50+ vouches or 2k+ post count I will go first to you! -WILL SELL THIS FOR CHEAP! Account #1 [Account CB Level = 80] Autowin: 15M "The Boxer"Buying any account with rapier/maulI'm willing to pay 25m for any account with rapier or maul, no matter what combat it is. You may also transfer the money from it to a different because I have plenty of cash to throw around. Please contact me if you have any account with maul or rapier that you want to get rid of. My is [email protected] Thank youSelling Perfect Starter F2p Main Combat Based(RSGP)I played on this account a while back and got bored of it so i decided to sell this account. s1223.photobucket/albums/...kaystarter.jpg s1223.photobucket/albums/...aystarter1.jpg name:R4ing3r[7:20:12 AM] Cameron | Camera Man: ~[Selling Sick Low Defence Pure]~ 93 Strength 99 MThis was my main accout i liked it alot until i got really bored on it so i decided to sell it. 4 99s 23.5m fishing xp.Still have members s1223.photobucket/albums/...centaccout.jpg s1223.photobucket/albums/...ent=Combat.jpg s1223.photobucket/albums/...=fishingxp.jpg s1223.photobucket/albums/...membership.jpg s1223.photobucket/albums/ : R4ing3r[rsgp] Buying Rune Pure Account [rsgp]Looking to buy a rune pure account, with the following stats and quests done: ATT around 70 STR anywhere above 70 DEF 40-45 (must only be quested) PRAY 52/3 (must only be quested) RANGE 70+ MAGE 70+ SUMMON 1 Quests done: The Fremennik Trials Dragon Slayer Monkey Madness Nature Spirit Holy Grail In Search Of The Myreque Swans Song Making History Mountain Daughter Recruitment Drive Restless Ghost Priest In Peril Ghosts Ahoy Rag and Bone Man Rum Deal Spirits of The Elid The Great Brain Robbery Send me a PM so we can discuss your account and the amount in RSGP you want for it.Chaotic Pure | Rapier | 80 Dung | Addy gloves | Quested |Well, i've decided to go back to mains, here's my beast chaotic pure, it has a rapier and only 76 combat. This account kills zerkers and pures like they're nothing. This account maxes 340ss with a chaotic rapier at only 75 strength. At 90 strength it will be able to hit 420s. The accounts pray level do not count towards it's combat, i wasen't bothered about 54 pray since it takes 9 pray levels to even gain one combat level as with defence it takes 3. This was originally meant to be a turmoil pure but it was just to much work and i got irl stuff to do aswell. Rsgp + Paypal only. If you're going to throw in swaps it will include rsgp or paypal. I don't want pathetic swaps and rsgp such as level 138 with 99 everything and 1m rsgp. What use is a level 138 i'm looking for mainly rsgp and paypal.
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