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    [PP/RSGP] Selling Barrows Pure Amazing Staker has 1.6m+ and 90 FishingHey guys I'm selling this account it's great for staking and 90 fishing makes a crap load of money really fast. I'm looking to start this off for at least $15 and I'll set the autowin at $30.00 USD. I think these prices are fair. To contact me you can add my [email protected] if I don't add you within 30 minutes it's because my is gay so I also suggest leaving your contact info and offer below in a post. I will not be going first under ANY circumstances we will use a VERY trusted MM or an OMM at your expense. EDIT: The money on the account is no longer available I decided to save it but the account will be a bit cheaper now.{Pp}{RSGP Selling Beast Tanker 99 Range 99 Mage 70 Def 93 Comabat, Members!Okay, I'm selling this account for PayPal OR RsGp Autowin is set at ONLY $50/60M so just bid on here or add my : [email protected] We will use a Vmm or a trusted Mm. The account has done quests such as Lunar diplomacy, Desert treasure and has also got mith gloves on Rfd. The account used to be a pure so has basically every pure quest is completed. The account doesn't have much wealth so i thought it'd be poinltess to show a screeny of bank. The bank is around 100k. The account is a pro pk acc because it's soulwared range quite a bit so lowish hp with 99 range 70 def is so fun to pk with. I'd only take swaps from a trusted member of Sythe/Powerbot with a high amount of good feedback or amount of vouch's. The account does have recovery as due to the new system they can't be deleted only changed! The account does have recovery as due to the new system they can't be deleted only changed! Add my to offer: [email protected] Add my to offer: [email protected] Add my to offer: [email protected] Add my to offer: [email protected][RSGP] AMAZING Pure! - 60 Atk, 99 Str, 1 Def, 86 Mage - (LOOK)Hey everyone I'm selling this pure for RSGP. Autowin - 50M : [email protected] strength 50 attack pureSelling this for RSGP or paypal add me on aim... its headpeek here is a pic - s593.photobucket/albums/t...=99strpure.jpgDClaw Pure!PAYPAL Only! Hi im selling this D Claw Pure! It is an good account with a nice little bank. Post on here or add me : NellzR : [email protected] P.S I understand i don't look very trusted as i have hardly any posts. i lost my previous account and im not much into rs any more thus why i have no posts and am selling the account. If you would like to use a mm then you will pay the price, otherwise i will only go first with trusted member. Happy Bidding [: -Dooglag[Paypal]Good Zerker 94 Mage!PAYPAL Only! Hi i am selling this zerker pure as i do not play anymore. Unfortunately i do not have the recovery questions but the account has been in my hands for the past 6 months. Either post on this or add me : NellzR : [email protected] I Know i dont look very trusted due to my previous account being lost. i am not interested in runescape any more hence me selling the account and having no post count. I will not go first unless trusted, if you want to use a mm then you will pay the fee's. Happy Bidding [: -DooglagSelling Rune/handcannon Pure - 99range/mage - Must See! @@Selling my combat 85, 40 quested defence pure with MEMBERSHIP. Looking to sell for RSGP. NO RECOVERY questions set and NO EMAIL registered. All offers will be acknowledged. Thankyou. PM or POST below.[RSGP] Nikos Pk Account Store [RSGP]{Trusted} ( 1 2)Hello Sythe! This is my store for My Pk accounts! I Only Accept RSGP - I will go first if your trusted otherweise OMM will be used.. and we pay 50/50 CONTACT[/ : [email protected] : pr01337Niko All Details about the account will be given under the trade. Account #1. SOLD 1 Defence Pure Account #2. A/W 60M RSGP 1 Defence 81 Dung Pure with 200k Tokens.. Can Prove with screen. Account #3. A/W 40M RSGP Account #4. 99 Str Zekre 2x99 A/W 80M RSGP --> MY VOUCHES p>
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