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    [rsgp] Str Pure 73 combat [CHEAP]Selling a Str pure! note:i am new to sythe so dont flame. since i am a new comer to sythe i will be willing to go first but only to trusted users. 5+ vouches. stats 60/91 att/str 80range/31 pray 73 combat no rec, no email, has members! can prove w/ pics/in-game rsgp:15m :[email protected] msg me for pics/meet in game.Jo's Account SHOP! [RSGP]Example of Mage box win. 3. sold as most probably already know ive been selling quite a few accounts lately, well these are my last three! (thak god ) so yeah put your bids below and lets get started!Level 77 awesome 40 def pure! 137 for puresythe/showthread.php?p=8498920#post8498920 - my account Add my - [email protected][SELLING] 60 def pure - 91 str, 99 mage, 75 att, 60 def AMAZING PKER [SELLING]Hello there, welcome to my sale. I am selling my pker, as I am tired of pking on him. He is an amazing pker at his level and have had tons of fun with him in the wild. He is relatively good friends with Hiei The Pk (Search him on Youtube) and I pk him almost daily. I am looking to sell for paypal or rsgp maybe, not sure. Anyways, here pictures he has about 100m in items in bank, and good stats. All info will be given upon sale, and recovs, email, and other stuff will be switched to whatever you want when I find a legit buyer. If you need proof that the account is indeed friends with Hiei The Pk, I can have him msg you in game, or show you screenshots of us pking together, even as up to date as a 52m pk we killed together yesterday. my : [email protected] start the bidding.[rsgp]~~ Selling Account ~~ [cheap]Hi, I'm JUSZN. And, i'm selling this account. It's a pretty nice account, it could go any way. Staker/main/ you name it :) Not asking much for it. Just wanna get Rid of it :)! STATS - AND FOR THE LOGIN -[Donor]Selling Turmoil Pure 30 defence Quested [WuWhen buying an account from me you have 100% guarantee that the account will never be recovered and no excuse would be given as i birth this account from day one and know all and everything about this account . Log Stats [130k from 90 strength] just used 52 zeals Bank 15mill + in items Will not accept RS Gold A/w 110 Wu Don't miss out on the chance of buying this incredible account. Email Address [email protected] for any staker!!!Hey guys, i'm looking for a GREAT staker. But i'm not going to buy it from just anybody. Seeing as people are just going to recover the account as always, you must have 200+ vouches to offer me an account. Anybody with under 200 will be ignored(unless you have like 190, of course.) I would really like to buy from a mod so if your a mod with a staker for sale feel free to post here And for all of the people who read this, then add me on trying to convince me into buying from them, please do not. As no matter what you tell me, 200 vouches is 200 vouches. Anybody qualified please add my .
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