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    Selling Initiate Pure [99 Hunter] [AW-10m]Selling this 20 defence pure. Aim me or post or pm me!Buying 60 attack 90+ 1def pureHey guys I wish to buy an acc with 60 attack 90+ str 1 def 80+ range 82+ Mage Dt done And for this I offer A range tank with 85 range + full void Starter range tank with members and 94 Mage dt done Rune pure 70 attack 78 str 52 pray 85 mining And a 99 cooking g maauler 50 attack 67 str And yeah get back to me my is [email protected] main for a DECENT pureHey guys im looking for a decent pure that has AT LEAST mith gloves and dt i am trading one of my good mains for it. I will post bank pin/log in screen pic if i get ANYONE that is interested. My is [email protected] so feel free to add me to discuss or drop me a pm or a responseSelling lvl 65 1 def f2p pure!Hey guys im here selling this amazing account. I just don't play enough to have 2 accs. This acc is not quested as there is no need to quest it in f2p. This acc is made with an email but it is not registered and the email is an old one from an old aol instant messaging acc and i dont use the email at all. The account has never had recovs and the bank will be cleared. stats. recov page. Offence page. the acc has 2 offences or whatever that r both expired and i never even scammed just got reported randomly n i was too lazy to appeal the other one becuz it didnt do anything to my acc really. Post me your offers, ONLY RSGP OR PAYPAL!!!!!!!!. To reach me you can pm me or post here with ur and ill add you.[RSGP] 99 Herblore ~ [1 Def, fully quested!]Hey, I'm selling my sweet 1 Def pure. 99 Herblore! Some pics for you people. Bank/wealth: Login screen: Stats: Last but not least; Blackmarks. [None! ;D] Rsgp, preferably. Any questions? @ [email protected](swaps)2 accounts(rsgp)lvl 97 with void and crystal bow/shield, 94 mage/99fletch lvl 128 with 99 att/str/hp/wc 95 fishing ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : [email protected] Rune Pure ( SWAPS )Looking for a pure with DT done. Add my If interested.[SWAPS] Looking [SWAPS]I have a few good accounts to swap for pkers level 131 level 99 tank ranger awesome stats level 62 pure quested addy gloves i dont have pictures but if you add my i can verify in game thanks [email protected]
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