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    Selling Barrows pure /w firecape [RSGP ONLY]Sold please close[PayPal] Buying pure/mid level pker.As the title says, i'm looking to purchase a pure. I'm not looking for anything specific, but i'll list what i'd be happy to buy. For me to go first, you must have: A significant amount of Vouches. A 2 + year old Sythe account. A high post count/Good rank. Good reputation. If these are met, I must also personally deem you trustworthy. I will also consider purchasing an account from anybody else depending what you offer, but under no circumstances will I be going first. You'll either pay OMM fee's or go first, simple. My Budget: $150 (This dosn't mean i'll be spending all this on the account, i'll simply offer you what I feel the account is worth, or better yet, you give me your price). What i'm looking for: 1 defence pure - Not specifically looking for one of these, but if you have one that takes my fancy, I may be interested. High stats needed. Initiate pure - 60 attack +, 99 strength (or near), high mage, important quests done, addy/rune gloves. Rune pure/Zerker - (Although I currently have a zerker, i'd still be happy to purchase another aslong as it meets or is close to my requirements). 60 attack +, 95 strength +, 94 mage +, 52 prayer +, major rune pure quests done, barrow gloves. Also looking for a turmoil zerker with around the same stats as above, obviously with 95 prayer. (Will pay more for this obviously). 60/70 defence (Mid level pker) - 60 attack +, 90 strength +, 60-70 defence, 70 prayer +, 94 mage +, barrow gloves + quests done. So that's what i'm currently looking for, quite specific yes, but i'm in no rush. Any replies offering accounts nowhere close to what i'm after will be considered as spam. I'm also selling/swapping my Zerker. sythe/showthread.php?t=1136967 Thank you.[Open]Level 67 1Defence Pure RSGP!Hello Sythe, i was trying to sell my pure, and found out this site. So i created an account, and here i am! So this is my Account; -Stats -Login Screen -Quests I do have Adamant Gloves, from Recipe for Disaster. Not a too great pure, was just playing on it, but got bored. I think its a good basic for a good pure. The account is mine, and was always mine. I created it, and all the information about it is in my hands. I didnt set a mail, cause if a buyer comes, he does it right away, i dont want any things to happen. Also no recovery's, its also for the buyer to do it right away. I have a membership running, when a serious buyer come's i'll tell him the date it's running out. Im new here so ofcourse i'll go first, but you got to be trusted! Send a mail too;[email protected] if your interessted. Or give me a Pm here, and we'll discuss it. RSGP only, i dont accept real cash. Bidding is for you guy's! Seejah Around! EDIT 35M=AutoWinner!selling great 1pray/1summ boxerhey everyone i havent posted any pictures yet, but i am selling my account that i have made and am the oringal owner. 60 atk 40 str 70 def 81 minning and 99 fishing. i have no quest done and no other stats beside those and level 61 combat. let me know how much i could get for it please and if i hear some good offers ill be posting pictures later.[swap/rsgp] Initiate Pure [swap/rsgp] ( 1 2)I got a Initiate pure i'm looking to sell, i'm the original owner, no recovs, email will be changed to your during trade, i'm looking for a good F2P pure as i can't afford getting members anymore because i am broke, looking for a F2P pure with these reqs (40 att, 80+ range/str 1-31 pray, 1-3 defence) If you have any others i may be interested in please post them here, thanks (STATS BELOW). me, or PM me, but please leave your offers below before doing anything else [email protected][rsgp]Selling 73+6 1 def pure, 87 str,range, 94 mage, addy gloves 60 atk 52 sumI've had this account for a couple months now and hardly play it anymore as i have a maxed main and need the extra money to play since i pk alot and i tend to die. i would highly recommend emailing me at [email protected] as i may forget to check this thread. but the emails ill always get via my iphone. I will leave the basic pking items, but i am taking all the money and selling it seperately. sets in the bank There are NO blackmarks on this account, and i will remove the recoveries and email once there is a set confirmed trade waiting to be done. Aw $80 post your offer, i do not take swaps, trade will be done with a OMM and your paying the fees unless your going first. I will provide the buyer with all the information leading to recover this account, its membership runs out june 17th. Has addy gloves, ancient, monkey madness done and 52 summoning. A great pking account have gotten tons of kill on here.[PP] Quested lvl 74 Pure|78 DUNG|94 MAGIC|Nice skills [PP]Hello again lucky Sythe members, I`m back again with another one of my accounts for you to get your hands on. Stacked up the account with F2P bonus' - Has every gop robe set + tally staff. Gravite Rapier and 2h as well as a tome of frost. The account has hardly ever been botted on and would be easy to stack up tokens with iDung at this level. The obvious P2P quests come as standard, addy gloves, DT etc I have a 100% success rate so far with my trades, and plan to keep it that way. No complaints from any of my sales to date. PM me for my / Recoveries removed on purchase PAYPAL ONLY Wont set an auto win as of yet, get bidding. Any questions just drop me a PM. OMM/Trusted MM Will go first to trusted members60 atk 99 strength 99 range staker & pker!!!!!!!!!closed.
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