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    Looking to buy a Zeal Mule or 99 str pure! UK Bank TransHi guys Looking to buy either a zeal mule with 1.2k+ zeals or a 99 str pure Paying via UK bank trans thanksSelling level 52 Pure! 79 Range!Hey guys today I am selling a level 52 pure with: 40 Attack 60 Strength 79 Range 56 HP 80 Smithing (Optional) 1m RSGP to start out with. I am looking for a good offer IN RSGP or a different account! PM me if you are intrested! Thanks![LEVEL 58-59(46 att, getting 50)][Interesting Name]I am Robin Spud on rune-server Account level:58-59 Price wanted:N/A Opening Bidding price: $30/50M (RSGP IF UN-TRUSTED) Auto Win price:N/A Recovery questions: No Did you make the account: Yes How was the first payment of the account made:Credit Card Any vouches to prove that you are an legitimate seller? If so, please post: Don't think so. ATTACK WILL BE 50 IN AN HOUR OR SO [Images]Sellin lvl 59 | Dung 99 & Herb 99 | Total 1550 | Adamant Gloves | QP 128 | ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Hei . I'm selling this great pure . Bank is worth about 10m ? 80 OVL , 100 extreme set . Blackmarks: 0 A/W 200M RSGP or $100 ! ! : [email protected](PAYPAL) WTB puresi have 7$ i will pay for some good pures! post pics and post on here before adding me on Selling a starter Skiller with a few stats.Stats are 80 firemaking, almost all other stats=1 So its basicly just a "starting" skiller. Here is link to picture as requested ://i54.tinypic/vg2ys3.pngRSC PHATS for mod chartrading pink, blue, white, red, and yellow for a player mod account any level or stats.. I will also include rare robes and other items such as rune and the whole me if interested...strictly looking for pmod accountSelling level 35 with 99 attack 10 hp. Also selling a rare name account.Selling a ingame named called "Gemma", Wont post a screenshot but i can show ingame. Both accounts do not have recoverys/email. - Grimeynight - [email protected] Accept rsgp/accounts Here's the screenshots off the level 35 . Login Stats Cash.... Not going first. You go first or get a omm. I'll choose which one.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.