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    {swaps} { RSGP} Lovely account for sale.Selling this main here i take: 1 def pures Skillers RSGP. recovs + email will be taken off when a trade is decided. Will not be going first i have enough vouches to be trusted. if you wish to not trust me, i have other rules . either your go first . we do 50/50 ( if for rsgp) . you find a free trusted mm /omm pictures.selling 3 things for $5.50 please readhey im in need of $5.50 usd i ill give u 2 runescape accounts rs acocunt stats 92range,85mage,84str,85hp,70def,66att hand cannon complted == cb 94 47range,44mage,40 str, 30 att p2p ==== cb 36 AND A SOULWARS AUTHRISED SCRIPT ALL OF THAT FOR ONLY JUST $5.50 USD add my [email protected] i will go first or get OMM[RSGP] Selling great lvl 59 rune pure/staker [40-60-40 - 31 prayer, dslayer done!]It's on the edge, so maybe someone will be interested in it here. Selling this account for RSGP. Made 2 succesful account sells so far on this site, but I'll still absolutely go first if you're trusted. I don't want much money for this, so make your bid.76 Combat stakerfile/C:/Users/Jesse/Pictures/staker.png Offer RS cash[RSGP] Selling amazing lvl 68 pure [RSGP]Hello , im selling out my amazing lvl 68 pure as im not using it anymore as im bored of pking :s i will start off with 25M , any higher offers will automatically get the account.. : [email protected] Madness Has Black Gloves! A/W-- 60m!Level 65 pure amazing pure statsi have a level 65 pure with 77 str 60 attack, 74 range, it has done the major quests aside from mm and dt, but its not much of a mager. its a pretty good pure account though all in all, hits 26's with dds so its hard to compete with tbh. but im not sure how to upload the screenies i tookSelling Level 86 Range TankerHi, Title says it All. Accepting RSGP and Paypal. Bank Funded and Verified Only. I will not go first unless you are highly trusted. : [email protected] 1m RSGP = $.80 USD Pics aren't showing up... ;/ While working on this technical difficulty I will be free to meet in game. Enjoy Bidding
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