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    Buying Pure With or without turm !So basiclly my pure got banned today =(.. was gonna turn him into a turmoil pure now i'm looking for a pure ( it doesnt need to be maxed , i transferred money from bank to paypal 3 work days so From now to 3 days (21 June) i will be looking through this thread very much in hope i get some reaction Btw ( i'm mostly interested in Turmoil pure with high dungeoneering !( -36def ) But also considering normal pures ( iff they got high dungeoneering ) Iff the account is qeusted then its a + But it doesnt need to be. Let the reply's begin?[RSGP/Paypal] 60 att/75 str/90mage/85range/10def/99 wc and hunt[CHEAP]Only looking for around 65m or 50 bucks for this account. Here are a few pics HES NOT A MEMBER Pm me on sythe and to make sure it's you. Willing to use a MM at your expense for a recov test. I made this account and can supply all info needed.Selling lvl 82 pure w/ 99str/mage [RSGP]Has 99str/magic/88hunt...also has a dungeon that has hosted several house parties...0 days member left. Looking for 100M FIRM. I will NOT go first unless you are trusted. No email ever registered; recovs deleted.[pp][$20 A/w][62cb, 7/8m, Membership, 94 Mage, Pure, Many Possibilities]Hi, you may have seen this thread before, but the a/w is now $20, wanting to sell soon Hey, I am wanting to sell this account now because I am not feeling like training it anymore. It is a pure, with Death Plateau done. Everything pictured comes with it. Recoveries, Email, will be removed. (I don't remember the email I used to register it but I will see if I can remove it. I also need some assistance on removing the recoveries as all I can ever seem to do is change them.) The pure can be many things as it has a low amount of Hitpoints. You can get 99 Range and not gain a single level (excluding hitpoints). Bank: Equipment: (Mage's Cape unlocked) Stats: (16 Attack is from Death Plateau, did not affect combat level) If you want to use an OMM then you should cover chargesLevel 96 Staker with Rapier 1 Pray 1 Summoning ( 1 2 3)Well, What can i say i'm 17 ive decided to quit Runescape so i'm selling my staker account Really good for staking over 1.1B made (sold it off) has 2m to set you off staking It owns at Arm/whip/DDS staking Add My [email protected] Using a OMM at your expense Also Im Happy to swap if its for a pure if i get a pure Im not longer quiting Runscape MOSTLY LOOKING FOR RSGP Here's The Stats and Info GET YOUR OFFERS IN RSGPSelling amazing rapier staker [1pray,1summon][rapier]I'm looking for swaps/rsgp or paypal Email [email protected] Vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=1155921 Picture[ASAP] Trading a MAXED initiate pure for Xbox Live Gold Subscription!/short[PP] Level 70 Pure w/ 40 Attack, 99 Strength, 70 Range, 70 Magic. [/PP]No Longer For Sale
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