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    Selling starter obby mauler / runecrafting staff pure- Sold -Buying skillersI want a skiller with a log-in name NO EMAIL LOG-INS. Acc with 99 mining - 15m Acc with 99 woodcut - 7.5m Acc with 99 wc/mine - 25m Acc with 99 agility - 25m Acc with all three 99's - 45m Acc with 99 mine/wc/cook/firemaking, 85+ herb/farm 125mSelling level 50 Gmauler!I'm selling this level 50 gmauler account with no recoveries/email for 1m! that's right, 1m! post on thread or pm me if you're interested!Buying skillerHey im looking for a skiller Skiller with 99 agil - 20 USD (Pm me if it has other nice skills) Skiller with 99 rc - 60 USD (pm me if it has other nice skills for price) Skiller with 99 fishing - 20 USD (Pm me if it has other nice skills) Skiller with 99 farm/con/thieving - 30 Usd (PM me if it has other nice skills) skiller with 99 fm/wc/cook/fletch - 10 Usd (pm me if it has other nice skills for the price) Pm me if you wanna sell anythingwanted to buyim looking for a 1 def pure with 80 att and has chaotic.i will only buy from trusted members.Trading $25 gamestop giftcard for Rs2 Purei am looking for a trusted member of the forums to sell me a Rs2 pure in exchange for a $25 gamestop giftcard. i am willing to go first because i want to get trusted Please post below with your offered accounts, and the one thing i ask is to please do not trade an account that your not comfortable giving away, and dont try to scam me or i will report you![WTS] Level 3 Skiller - 533 Total! [Original Owner]Hey Im selling this account. - As said in the title, I WONT accept anything thats not having any affect in RS. So accepting following stuffs: RS Items. (Of a high value, and is SELLABLE) RSGP. RS Accounts, which is "Good". Following pictures will be here: Login Screen: Note: Recoverys and Email will be taken off within the trade is done. Stats: Note: This account have NEVER been botted. And does not have any Black Marks. Combat Level: Note: This is to insure you its not higher combat than 3. Bank: Note: These items will follow, mostly skilling items, such as seeds and stuffs. No Auto Win, best offer and nearly first offer WILL win. - Good lucks.Buying all accounts with at least 50 miningAdd my or comment if you have any you wanna sell. Thanks
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