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    Selling initiate pure and a crazy main [swaps] [rsgp]I am selling this pro pure for a other one with dt and 1 def thats my swap And if u offer rsgp ur decide how much u offer STATS: 60 at 85 str 99 range 99 mage 44 pray 20 def 50 rc dragon hai.. Cb 75 Sorry but i cant add pics it wont work add me on for pics pr t scrn will work is [email protected] Main stats: 85 att. 99 str. 91 ranged. 88 mage. 52 pray. 93 hp İt has 8m f cape void range mage and toso d defender gloves...Selling a lv 85 Rune pure Look at the stats you wont be disatisfiedTo start of here are the stats CB LV 85 ATTACK lv 73 STRENGHT 94 constitution is 84 41 Range 2 prayer 78 Mage 16 fletching 31 crafting 16 heblore 36 agility 10 mining 20 fishing 36 woodcutting 31 cooking 7 theving well everything else is at lv 1. it can wear the rune plate cuz it has dragon slayer and almost all quest done. the price i ask is runescape money. : ) it has no recovery questions set. price set is on offer no noob offers.Selling a Tanker pure beasttt XDi have a tanker pure im looking for rsgp for it right now pics below show all the info there are no recs set acc is 100% safe im looking for a good amout of gp also has a really cool name pm me or simply add my n [email protected] thanks for looking also a MM that is trusted with 100+ vouchs will be used photo/my-images/36/ttttue.png/[swaps/rsgp]lvl 96FIRE CAPE ZERKER**[swaps/rsgp] ( 1 2)I dont know how to remove recovs/email but we can do a recov test /OMM ur fees Will go first if your Trusted or use OMM Uploaded with Uploaded with bank: Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling Berserker Account (45) defenceHey guys im seeling my zerker the name is HeroSpec Inc feel free to look him up and contact me if u want to buy him for 20m he wotn have money or membership but his stats will make u enough dont worry. : xxtylerrr Rsn: Tankd em[PP] Selling a Fully Quested 2 Def Pure; and a Zerker with 84 dung! [RSGP - CHEAP]Hello guys. I no longer play on either of these accounts so I am going to be selling them. I need members and gear on my main, so I will be selling these for cheap. As I also need vouches. Well, here are the pictures of the two accounts... : [email protected] Due to my low post count, we can do a recovery test if you want. And we can use a VMM/OMM/MM if you wish. Zerker Pure Login Screen Combat Level Skill & Wealth/Bank -------------------------------------------------------------------------- : [email protected] Either add my , and we can talk, or you can PM me or post an offer. I am selling these accounts for pretty cheap!
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