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    [rsgp] Looking For DECENT Pure [rsgp]*WILL GO FIRST IF YOUR WELL TRUSTED* Spending up to 20-25m For a DECENT PURE - At least 1-20def - Must have money making stat(s) - At least 3-5m please __________________ PLEASE POST OFFERSSelling [RS PURE - CB: 80] *RSGP Only*Sold .Selling Level 99 WITH SCYTHEOld character of mine, haven't used in ages....P2P'd it to get all my old dragon stuff off of it, no black marks..just expired ones for mutes. RSGP ONLY - - Hi-imlvl123 - [email protected] OR MEMBERSHIP|level 74+1|99 range|quested|has members|PRIVATE MESSAGE ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED Hello sythe, i want to sell this account for either rsgp or membership, or a mixture of both. This account is almost fully quested apart from desert treasure. Great pker, has lots of potential with stats (90 strength at same combat w/o hp). I WOULD BE MORE THEN HAPPY If I GOT A PAIR OF CLAWS FOR MY NEW PURE . Here is photos. So as you can see, this account has lots of potential and is a great pker.RSGP|Level 74+1|Ranger-ddser|Quested|99 Range!|RSGPPRIVATE MESSAGE ME Hey i want to get some RSGP for my account so i can make a new pure, but i figured it will be quite expensive, and after spending 17mil+ on range i am not up to making more money, i am taking all offers into consideration, please offer any RSGP because i need to know how much this account is worth, as i do not know how to do the autowin or whatever people do. This account does have members. Well here: I AM NOT LOOKING FOR TOO HIGH OF PRICES, ANY OFFER PERSONAL MESSAGE ME OFFER AND .[RSGP] 94 mage 68 cmb desert treasure pure, 60 attk [PP]Hey everyone! im selling my dt pure with 94 mage for barrage and also 95 fishing. He has hati gloves which still have charge!! I am the original owner and have all of the info for the account! I am not going first. you are or you can buy an OMM and recovery test. All creation details will be supplied! Current: 20m A/W: 35m Bank: Stats: Quests: Login: (Recovery questions and email and other creation details provided) Happy Bidding![Paypal/RSGP] Looking for cheap mage starter/main with DT stats.DT done isn't necessity, I can do it. I just want the stats to be in order. I'm looking for a cheap one, I can get mining and all that nonsense up, I just want magic really. Honestly, I'm not looking to spend much, 5-10$, 10~mill. Show me screenshots, don't add me on . Post here. I'm prob not going first so we'll talk about MM, all details are necessary, no recovs, etc... I can spend more, like I said; probably not going to so don't hustle over here thinking Imma spend more, I'll offer more if I think it's worth it. Be trusted, I'm not even going to bother with anyone who isn't at least DECENT, sorry.[25M] 70 Combat Mage Boxer [25M]I am selling this for 25m This account has around 1m wealth spread around in the bank : [email protected] I will NOT be going first, you can get an OMM with your fees if you are not comfortable with going first NO MM will be accepted under any circumstances, read above line
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