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    Selling Amazing Level 91.Selling This Account For Irl Money NOT RSGP. Will Supply Rsbuddy IDung And Autofighter.Possibly selling Maxed 1 def Chaotic pure with Rapier and MaulSo I have a maxed 1 def chaotic pure (except for 99 mage, which i have 94) and I'm thinking about selling it. I would just like to know what you people would offer for an account like this. It has a chaotic rapier, and chaotic maul A fire cape Adamant gloves Full Unholy Book 80 Attack, 99 Strength, 99 Range, 99 HP, 94 Mage 52 Prayer 75 Construction and a gilded altar 2 Portal rooms in the POH All major pure quests done (DT etc.) So post your offers, I make youtube videos with this account, so I'm not entirely sure if I'll sell it, so just post offers and if I see a number that catches my eye, I might sell it.Selling 60Def Dragon Pure for RSGP, Rs Mem Or a Swap for Another account!!Hey guys, im selling my 60def dragon pure, it has DT, Lost City, and MM done. Heres some pics. Stats/Bank- i51.tinypic/23kruk2.png Recoverys/Membership- i56.tinypic/2e1c2tf.png I hope u guys are interested, I want to trade this account for some RsGp, 1month rs membership, or a swap for a diffrent account Contact me! My is - [email protected] - Cradle-lyke-a-dreidel PS I will delete all info before trade and please leave ur / before requesting me thanks alot Jon :Selling Level 63 | 3x99 | 1 Defense | RSGP ONLYHi everyone. I'm here to sell my "pure" account. Will not go first, but will use the OMM "Pokemoners" if need be. Split fees 50/50. ONLY ACCEPTED RSGP. Noticeable Things: It has 3 99's on it No recoveries 1 Quest point 0 cash. 63 combatselling level 98 account ★3 letter name★ Beast account ★ fire cape ★Ive come to Sythe to sell this beast account :p Stats: Bank: Login: Can provide all info for the account! info will be taken off when i find a serious buyer! We will be using a MM (free one) which i shall provide! Looking for RSGP or SWAPS!!! My :[email protected] PM me if you add my with your .Buying An Account 45M RsgpI am buying an account for up to 45M Rsgp. Not really sure what i am looking for so post ur offers. it would also be nice if u were trusted and i will go first[PP/RSGP] Selling Barrows Pure Amazing Staker has 1.6m+ and 90 FishingHey guys I'm selling this account it's great for staking and 90 fishing makes a crap load of money really fast. I'm looking to start this off for at least $15 and I'll set the autowin at $30.00 USD. I think these prices are fair. To contact me you can add my [email protected] if I don't add you within 30 minutes it's because my is gay so I also suggest leaving your contact info and offer below in a post. I will not be going first under ANY circumstances we will use a VERY trusted MM or an OMM at your expense.Selling Dung pure with 220k tokensHi guys selling my dung pure the account is low stats but has 220k tokens . Only taking rsgp. pm me if you have any questions. here are some pictures!
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