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    [PayPal]Selling lvl 97 maxed tank![Swap]Closed(Skillers + Pures) BUYING [DJ Khaled, 20+ Vouches]Hey ya'll! What's happenin? I'm looking for some decent skillers or pures, I have a decent amount of money to be spending, but please don't ask ridiculous amounts please. I can pay RSGP, so that is what you can get, and only that. :p Please post pictures of your accounts, or just post the stats and special perks that it has. Looking forward to hear from you all!!! Oh, and depending who you are, chances are I won't go first, unless you are trusted. Thanks3 pures for your pure..Hey guys I've got 3 pures that ive had forever that I'm just getting rid of for a good, NO can I say that anymore clear NO DEFENCE pure. None of the accounts have blackmarks or previous bans. I'm not taking pics its a pain, if you dont believe me love you off. I do NOT know the E-mails on these accounts, as I have forgot them so your love you out of luck with that. The accounts do NOT have notable banks. Also assume everything blacked out is 1, accidentally put summoning on 1 blacked out but its 1. I'm totally willing to use an OMM (you pay fees) or a MM or YOU go first unless you are ATLEAST an active member with 50+ vouches. SHOW ME WHAT YOUVE GOT! Account1:just a name, Account2:pure Kushh, Account3:Ira. (Which stands for the Irish Republic Army they are completely badass and love you love you up.) Account 1: CB:56 Account 2: CB:60 Account 3: CB:53 These accounts are also for sale, I will sell them for runescape money or items so your welcome to offer. No paypal or WU. MY IS: [email protected] boxerHey guys, Some of you guys might know me as the dude who is staking for Japan (still going strong btw) I have converted 16mil to 528 mil in 7 short days, mor elike 6, but today I went from 540-400-530 so basically, i need better mage boxer I need one of 2 things 99 mage, 99 hp, 1 def 99 mage, 99 hp, 99 defense edit: I am also interested in any potential staker as well, such as boxing pure, rapier pure, hp pure, please post all offers willing to pay a good sum for it (gp ofc lol) my main problem is that I cant find fights that easily! p.s< I am willing to swap this for such account as well, it can be a main if it has defense, my current account, 96 cb, 1 summ, 53 pray, 99 range, 98 mage, lunar dt done 60s dung botted a lot though[RSGP] 85 Ranged -Starter Tank- [RSGP]Wrong section, moved to HERES> Pro Mage Staker [99hp/mage 93def 96cb]With maxed def this account will be around 98/99CB and would pwn any other mage boxer around its CB... Most 100cb mains would have 70'ish def 80'ish hp? Also has 99mining/theiving(25M EXP)/cooking Ive had this staker for quite awhile now, Won around 1B with it, No longer need cash so im gunna sell this pro account before i lose bank Will post up afew more pics tomorrow, But stats will do to get this started. A/w 150M, Dont really trust paypal so RSGP or WU. NO SWAPSS> F2P Rune Pure [ CHEAP!~ ] [ 99HP/STR/RNG ]Selling this pure for whatever i can get, No longer use it. Attack is quests as i was using it as a 1def pure, but accidently got 30def and deciced to just train the rest to 40. NONE of the defence is quested. Bank is just afew sets of PK supplies. EMail will be transfered to yours upon payment and recoveries will be removed, and given to you. RSGP Only, Starting bid 20M.***SICK Intitate Barrager Pure***Hey Sythe this is a pure I picked up a while ago, which means I am not the OO, but have most info. I have all recovs, past passwords, and some other stuff. This pure has done all major pure quests except Monkey Madness unfortunately, but I never really felt the need for a d scim on this guy. No Wealth besides maybe a few hundred k. I have made countless mills pking on him and its time to let him go. So...offer away. AUTO WIN IS SET AT 60$ Paypal GIFT Payment! GET AT HIM IS [email protected] BTW THE EMAIL THAT IS SET IS NOT REALLY SET, WHEN I GO TO SET OR CHANGE IT SAYS NO EMAIL REGISTERED, SO IF NEEDED I CAN PROVE THAT!
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